Assistant Manager

A set of useful links to external sites and pages that will equally help and hinder you on the way to fantasy glory.


Live fpl scores and up to the second ranking if you really, really can’t wait till Tuesday morning.

The main site. Rules, info on chips and wildcards, fixtures…the lot.

The Fantasy Football Scout website has too much information. Useful links to injured players, banned players and set piece takers

And as a total distraction from the main game there’s this prediction thing. This always had pretty good prizes on offer, although I can’t find any information to back that up for this season. Basically predict every result and score points based on how close you are. There’s a league set up that you can join and the code is 2A9BU. No prizes from me – just for the hell of it. You’ll probably need to set up an account. It doesn’t take long.