Final league table

1  same The Craggy Islanders
Adrian Roche
64 2448
2  same But Da Pitch Ain’t 1
Trev Reams
63 2406
3  same Perfidious Albion
Andrew Swift
55 2381
4  same Neil Madrid
Neil Strong
62 2344
5  same Bielsa Ringing
Alan Hardy
63 2323
6  same FC Caligula
Ajay Supeda
58 2314
7  same INIT FC
Mustafa khan
71 2269
8  same Shoelace Untied
Caroline Strong
69 2259
9  up Game of Stones
Ryan Garoghan
70 2219
10  down Rip Roaring Reds
Sean Whyton
40 2218
11  down Edgbaston
Micheal Dinneen
59 2216
12  same FTM
Stu Smith
67 2190
13  same Aribo Haribo
Paul Hawkins
56 2171
14  up Pretty Schitty City
Alex Michaluk
78 2163
15  down Nashton Villa
Jaime Nash
51 2150
16  down Upper Bullens
Andy Taylor
49 2144
17  up King raggg
Steven Darling
68 2144
18  down Frostee Rucker
Paul Bentz
53 2137
19  same Kebab Eaters Utd
Paul Howard
59 2122
20  same Salah Buffoon!!!
Jitesh Lakhani
51 2113
21  same Deeney in a Bottle
Stephanie Cripps
49 2104
22  up Cookie fc
Peter Cook
45 2091
23  down Mour Salt and Pep
Noel Driver
36 2086
24  up Crazy Leg XI
David Caldicott
68 2080
73 2068
26  up Fake Madrid
Andrew Wade
72 2067
Adam Burnett
80 2063
28  down Dinamo Spinks
David Spinks
39 2060
29  down Musttryharder fc
Paul Telford
44 2047
30  down Need son luck
Matt Jarvis
48 2042
31  up Kompany & Co
63 2037
32  down PenshawPerformers
david bruce
39 2031
33  up The Big Lewandowski
Paul Callaghan
77 2025
34  same Real Jorvik
Simon Brown
68 2013
35  up Dropit like its Hart
Jason Earwicker
65 1999
36  up Hemel Hotspurs
Paul Jarvis
67 1999
37  up Atlético Chappers
Richard Chapman
93 1998
38  down Your Ad Here
Matthew Hopkins
31 1995
39  same Puddle Splash Van
Ian Williams
88 1995
76 1978
41  down Greeeenteeam
adam greenwood
53 1964
42  same El Loco No Joko
Paul Murray
61 1962
43  same It’s coming home
scott mcgow
68 1961
44  same Pique Blinders
Colin Goulding
60 1934
45  same Hoose Reus
James Whitfield
52 1924
46  same Morningblues
Jeff Morning
58 1901
47  same romeoshondavan
Rob Hewer
55 1876
48  same ClipityKlopptotitle
tanya thursby
66 1871
49  same The Mindless Morons
John Seacroft
56 1796
50  same Ross’s champions
darren frankland
60 1714


Winners – The Craggy Islanders – Adrian Roche – 2448 points

You have to go all the way back to GW12 to find a league table without one of our league prize winners sat in the top four positions. Once The Islanders climbed up into fourth in GW13, that was it. So ensued a four way battle for supremacy with The Islanders, Da Pitch, Albion and Madrid all spending some time at the top. Strangely our winners didn’t win a manager of the month (but did win the cup), whereas our three runners up all picked up a monthly prize. Albion spent every one of the 38 weeks occupying a top four place. Da Pitch spent all but two weeks and Madrid all but five in the prize positions.
The four way battle became a three way slog after a poor GW31 for Madrid – a time at which Albion surged back to the top. Following that however, both Albion and Da Pitch couldn’t match the power scoring of The Islanders, particularly in blank GW33 and double GW35. Albion’s rank fell over the final weeks but still remained around the 10k mark – a very good season. Da Pitch kept plugging away but couldn’t quite make up the ground and ended at around the 5k mark. A top 1k finish just eluded the Islanders. Once in the top 5k after GW30 they didn’t falter, rising into the top 2k in GW35 and staying there. Its the highest ranking finish by a Buckets winner, our highest scoring season by a Buckets winner and probably our most keenly contested title race. Not unlike the real deal. Manchester City and Liverpool’s relentless scoring no doubt helped increase the scores. Most of us were at least doubling up on both teams at all times through the season. The fantasy team of the season reflects that.
Special mentions to Rip Roaring Reds who won the December prize and chipped in with the best weekly score. Worth mentioning they pipped the Islanders to what would have been a treble of sorts. They both achieved 125 points in different gameweeks, but the Reds’ bagged more goals and so clinch the prize.
Team of the season 
GK – Allison – Liverpool – 176 points (£5.5 – £5.9 million)
DR – Trent Alexander Arnold – Liverpool – 185 points (£5.0 – £5.8 million
DL – Andrew Robertson – Liverpool – 213 points (£6.0 – £6.8 million)
DC – Virgil Van Dijk – Liverpool – 208 points (£6.0 – £6.8 million)
DC – Aymeric Laporte – Manchester City – 177 points (£5.5 – £6.3 million)
DMC – Luca Milivojevic – Crystal Palace – 166 points (£6.5 – £6.5 million)
MR – Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – 259 points (£13.0 – £13.2 million)
ML – Raheem Sterling – Manchester City – 237 points (£11.0 – £11.7 million)
MC – Eden Hazard – Chelsea – 238 points (£11.0 – £11.0 million)
MC – Sadio Mane – Liverpool – 231 points (£9.5 – £10.3 million)
CF – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Arsenal – 205 points (£11 – £10.8 million)
A team dominated by Liverpool more than City due to less rotation at Anfield and the assisting power of their fullbacks. Aymeric Laporte was a regular in the City line up, as was Raheem Sterling. Sergio Aguero misses out due to Aubameyang’s last day brace. The Arsenal man saw his price fall over the season – an indication that maybe he was slightly over priced to begin with. The other two golden boot winners make up the midfield alongside Eden Hazard, who produced the most double figure scores. My OCD can’t handle there not being a defensive midfielder in the squad and Luca Milivojevic fills that berth, thanks to the 11 penalties he buried in the back of the net.
Bargain team of the season
GK – Neil Etheridge – Cardiff City – 154 points (£4.5 – £4.7 million)
DR – Matt Doherty – Wolverhampton Wanderers – 144 points (£4.5  – £5.3 million)
DL – Jonny Castro Otto – Wolverhampton Wanderers – 103 points (£4.5 – £4.3 million)
DC – Willy Boly – Wolverhampton Wanderers – 120 points – (£4.5 – £4.7 million)
DC – Michael Keane – Everton – 129 points (£5.0 – £4.8 million)
DMC – Abdoulaye Doucoure – Watford – 124 points (£6.0 – £5.8 million)
MR – Nathan Redmond – Southampton – 137 points (£5.5 – £5.5 million)
ML – Gerard Deulefeu – Watford – 133 points (£5.5 – £5.7 million)
MC – Andros Townsend – Crystal Palace – 135 points (£6.0 – £5.8 million)
FC – Raul Jiminez – Wolverhampton Wanderers – 181 points (£5.5 – £6.9 million)
FC – Callum Wilson – Bournemouth -168 points – (£6.0 – £6.9 million)
Wolves dominate the differential squad. As a newly promoted team finishing best of the rest it’s hardly surprising. Doherty and Jiminez were among those that had the highest overall price rise. Jiminez’s £1.4 milllion increase was on a par with that of Vardy and Mahrez’s from the Leicester season. Getting them in early was key to a high score. Once in, they stayed. Callum Wilson stayed relatively injury free to post his best season score. Neil Etheridge, despite his relegation with Cardiff, produced the second most saves, the most penalty saves and the best bonus return of any of the keepers.
An honourable mention to Aaron Wan Bissaka, who was outscored by Matt Doherty for the right back slot, but was perhaps the real dream bargain pick – starting at just £4 million and collecting more points than all but three of the entire Manchester United squad.
Goal of the Season
No contest.
1  same But Da Pitch Ain’t 1
Trev Reams
54 1750
2  same The Craggy Islanders
Adrian Roche
66 1748
3  same Perfidious Albion
Andrew Swift
78 1738
4  same Neil Madrid
Neil Strong
65 1699
5  same Bielsa Ringing
Alan Hardy
63 1681
6  up INIT FC
Mustafa khan
71 1647
7  same FTM
Stu Smith
58 1641
8  down Shoelace Untied
Caroline Strong
46 1639
9  same Edgbaston
Micheal Dinneen
43 1600
10  up FC Caligula
Ajay Supeda
64 1600
11  down King raggg
Steven Darling
37 1590
12  down Frostee Rucker
Paul Bentz
41 1588
13  down Deeney in a Bottle
Stephanie Cripps
50 1588
14  up Rip Roaring Reds
Sean Whyton
62 1579
15  down Game of Stones
Ryan Garoghan
39 1560
16  same SLABHEAD FC
Adam Burnett
63 1557
17  up Aribo Haribo
Paul Hawkins
49 1552
18  down Fake Madrid
Andrew Wade
46 1551
73 1549
20  same Upper Bullens
Andy Taylor
47 1541
21  down Mour Salt and Pep
Noel Driver
43 1538
22  down Nashton Villa
Jaime Nash
46 1524
23  same Dinamo Spinks
David Spinks
57 1523
24  same Cookie fc
Peter Cook
50 1510
25  up Pretty Schitty City
Alex Michaluk
79 1503
26  down Kompany & Co
38 1496
27  down Musttryharder fc
Paul Telford
46 1489
28  up Salah Buffoon!!!
Jitesh Lakhani
60 1479
29  same Your Ad Here
Matthew Hopkins
50 1470
30  same Atlético Chappers
Richard Chapman
50 1470
31  down Kebab Eaters Utd
Paul Howard
48 1470
32  up The Big Lewandowski
Paul Callaghan
53 1469
33  down PenshawPerformers
david bruce
52 1468
34  same Real Jorvik
Simon Brown
49 1462
35  up Crazy Leg XI
David Caldicott
70 1460
84 1456
37  down Need son luck
Matt Jarvis
44 1456
38  down El Loco No Joko
Paul Murray
43 1454
39  down Morningblues
Jeff Morning
54 1445
40  down Hemel Hotspurs
Paul Jarvis
35 1440
41  down romeoshondavan
Rob Hewer
37 1429
42  same Pique Blinders
Colin Goulding
58 1423
43  down ClipityKlopptotitle
tanya thursby
38 1419
44  up Hoose Reus
James Whitfield
58 1405
45  up Greeeenteeam
adam greenwood
67 1397
46  down Dropit like its Hart
Jason Earwicker
28 1394
47  same It’s coming home
scott mcgow
69 1383
48  same Puddle Splash Van
Ian Williams
53 1327
49  same The Mindless Morons
John Seacroft
51 1295
50  same Ross’s champions
darren frankland
62 1241


Top of the league – But Da Pitch Ain’t 1 – Trev Reams – 1750 points

Da Pitch still hold the lead, but it’s only a slender two points over the surging Craggy Islanders who are on the hunt for the second title. Perfidious sit third and only ten points further back after a resurgent week, and although not completely out of touch and out of contention for the title, Neil Madrid and Bielsa Ringing will need near perfect run-ins to catch those sides ahead of them. And we probably shouldn’t rule out the possibility of INIT, FTM or Shoelace sneaking into fourth place. We’re entering silly season, as the blank and double gameweeks begin to form and chip tactics come into play. We’re faced with only five fixtures in GW31 and the likelihood of a similar figure in GW33, depending on the outcome of the next round of the FA Cup. Already Manchester United have had two of their fixtures rearranged and moved to the middle of gameweeks 32 and 35. Expect the other successful cup teams to see their fixtures moved to the same midweek slots. Of the leading contenders, The Craggy Islanders, Perfidious Albion, Neil Madrid and Bielsa Ringing have all of their chips and their wildcard remaining. Da Pitch just have their chips to play. FTM Have their wildcard but bench-boosted in GW10, whereas INIT have no wildcards or triple captain and Shoelace have no wildcards or free hit. Negotiating the next few weeks could be tricky without at least one of the wildcard or free hit still in the bag. And it shouldn’t all be about the leaders, as a perfectly played strategy of wildcards and chips could hand any team anywhere in the league any of the next three manager of the month awards. It might also be something the semi-finalists of the Buckets Cup want to consider…

Buckets Cup quarter finals

Although maybe not in the case of The Craggy Islanders or Neil Madrid who probably have their eyes on a bigger prize. And that may play into the hands of Fake Madrid and Kebab Eaters who are the other two teams to progress to the last four. The Islanders beat Da Pitch as Madrid saw off FTM in the two top ten clashes. The Islanders will play Fake Madrid, who beat El Loco No Joko, who inexplicably kept Virgil Van Dyk and Sergio Aguero on the bench?!?!?!? Kebab Eaters edged past Mour Salt and Pep to face Neil Madrid. It could be a Madrid derby final.

February manager of the month – Atletico Chappers – Richard Chapman – 309 points

Thanks to their top 2,000 in the world weekly score of GW27 and consolidating with a steady 50 pointer this week, Chappers pinch the February prize. I’m not sure they were really in it at all before hitting the dizzy heights at the weekend. They have Gerard Deulefeu to thank and did so by benching him for their hammering at the hands of Liverpool last night.

Manager of the week – Queen Of The North – Dorine Reacher – 84 points

A week for defenders this week and QOTN lined up two of the big scorers – Schar and Robertson – in their team. They amassed 43 points from those two and their other defender, Ashley Young, who chipped in with a goal, and their keeper, Allison. They wouldn’t be picking up this award however had it not been for a Marko Arnautovic no-show. Although quite what Sadio Mane was doing warming the bench is anyone’s guess given his present run of form of six goals in six games.

Player of the week – Virgil Van Dyk – Liverpool – 20 points

It would have been 51 points had Van Dyk been lined alongside them in a triple up Liverpool defence. It’s not a ludicrous idea given that they’re three of the six highest scoring defenders in the game and that Liverpool have more clean sheets than anyone else so far this season. They could surpass 20 which would be a great achievement. It bodes well for the weeks ahead in which Liverpool play every week. They have no doubles, but they also have no blanks.

Bargain of the week – Fabian Schar – Newcastle United – 15 points

There aren’t many players with two weekly player awards so far this season. Fabian Schar is probably the most unexpected recipient. A clean sheet and a wondergoal always equals top bonus. Newcastle will play the blank gameweek in 31, and have other potential clean sheet matches between now and then.

Twat of the week – Kieran Trippier – Tottenham Hotspur – -1 points

A wonderful own goal that totally wrong footed Hugo Lloris, a World Cup winning captain no less. Tottenham’s meltdown might have started a few weeks earlier this season.

Goal of the week – Fabian Schar.

Gameweek 19 results

January 1, 2017

same The Craggy Islanders
Adrian Roche
40 1063
same Yeboah’s Right Foot
Paul Murray
52 1061
same Aquamar 15
Noel Driver
41 1045
up Uriah Rennie 2nd XI
Neil Greenwood
51 1018
down Kebab Eaters Utd
Paul Howard
43 1018
up 4 Fuchs Ake
Jason Earwicker
66 1017
up When Harry met Alli
Trevor Gordon
57 1016
Mustafa khan
57 1011
down Hedgehog Corpse FC
Nick Smith
49 1009
10  up Atlético Chappers
Richard Chapman
65 1008
51 1007
12  same Biscuitmen
Chris Morton
59 1007
13  down Cooksters
Peter Cook
42 1004
14  same Go Buffoons Go
Jitesh Lakhani
44 995
15  down greenyteamy
adam greenwood
26 994
16  same 30:19
Darren Lavelle
57 990
17  up Joey Bosa
Paul Bentz
50 975
18  down Rip Roaring Reds
Sean Whyton
45 973
19  same FC Caligula
Ajay Supeda
44 967
20  up To Elland Back
Alan Hardy
67 966
21  up Edgbaston
Micheal Dinneen
55 957
22  down RICO UNITED
36 956
23  down Your Ad Here
Matthew Hopkins
45 956
24  down nO fucHs given
Paul Callaghan
49 954
25  same Neil Madrid
Neil Strong
52 947
26  same Hucking Fell
P Hawkins
51 943
27  up Jeff Lamp’s Porsche
David Spinks
54 933
28  up Ciderheads
Darren Pope
69 924
29  same Golden Boys
Stephanie Cripps
57 924
30  down romeoshondavan
Rob Hewer
39 923
31  same Jarvis FC
Matt Jarvis
51 915
32  down Crazy Legs XI
David Caldicott
47 911
33  same FTM
Stu Smith
61 905
34  same Upper Bullens
Andy Taylor
58 901
35  up Shoelace Untied
Caroline Strong
58 896
36  up Pepe Le Blue
63 885
37  down Real Jorvik
Simon Brown
41 880
38  same Release The Hounds
Paul Mitchell
41 876
39  down I am not Zlatan
Colin Goulding
32 872
40  down RG XV
Ryan Garoghan
35 866
41  same Have a little dink
Ian Williams
39 857
42  up Pretty Schitty City
Alex Michaluk
56 841
43  down Big White Chiefs
david frankland
36 832
44  up Bakerlona
Stuart Baker
50 826
45  down jetty city
scott mcgow
38 824
46  up Bermie Utd
Glen Davies
58 797
47  down bazza 28 united
laura barrett
30 791
48  down DJ’s Trail Blazers
Danian Jones
33 785
49  same Dj daz
darren frankland
51 780
50  same Pudding And Pie
John Seacroft
44 775
51  same Racing Club Skegness
Andrew Swift
43 772
52  same Bish Bosh Goal
Simon Purnell
31 740
53  same Jarv88
Paul Jarvis
29 734


Very brief this week due to the quick turnaround between gameweeks. Ciderheads are the weekly winners. Retaining Kane the key and a good performance from Charlie Daniels against hapless Swansea. It’s always worth looking at who they’re playing for some guaranteed goal points. The Islanders remain top, but again allowed teams below to claw back a few points. They were involved in a very close run thing for the manager of the month prize. That final table looks like this…

same Cooksters
Peter Cook
42 368
Mustafa khan
57 367
up Yeboah’s Right Foot
Paul Murray
52 367
down The Craggy Islanders
Adrian Roche
40 365
up Atlético Chappers
Richard Chapman
65 365
down Aquamar 15
Noel Driver
41 362
down FC Caligula
Ajay Supeda
44 361


Congratulations to Cooksters who pipped INIT and Yeboah’s to top spot by one point.


Player of the week – Andre Gray – 17 points. Hat trick.

Bargain of the week – Ashley Banes – 11 points. The other goal.

Donkey of the week – Virgil Van Dijk – -2 points. Rounding off a bad Chrimbo for Southampton.

Goal of the week – Olivier Giroud. 


Gameweek 5 preview

September 10, 2015

12 Sep 12:45 Everton v Chelsea
12 Sep 15:00 Arsenal v Stoke
12 Sep 15:00 Crystal Palace v Man City
12 Sep 15:00 Norwich v Bournemouth
12 Sep 15:00 Watford v Swansea
12 Sep 15:00 West Brom v Southampton
12 Sep 17:30 Man Utd v Liverpool
13 Sep 13:30 Sunderland v Spurs
13 Sep 16:00 Leicester v Aston Villa
14 Sep 20:00 West Ham v Newcastle


It’s been a long two weeks. I hate international breaks. The next one is in a months time. By then we’ll have reached gameweek 8, the first week of October, and we’ll know our second manager of the month.

This gameweek is the first since the closure of the transfer window. The last day scramble saw a number of players coming in from abroad or exchanging one Premier club for another. Some of whom will go straight into teams for the weekend. Others will probably have to bide their time.

And one of those could be Anthony Martial, whose switch from Monaco to Manchester United cost £36 million. It gets even more ridiculous if you factor in all the add-ons. Will he be thrown straight in at the deep end against Liverpool this weekend? Who knows? Do you throw £36 million away on a bench warmer? Their failure to score more than one goal in any league game so far this season might tempt Van Gaal to chuck him straight in. He’ll cost you a reasonable £8 million if you fancy a punt.

The most expensive new addition is Kevin De Bruyne. In the 2013/14 season De Bruyne amassed a measly 7 points, playing 132 minutes of football during his spell with Chelsea. Since then he’s gone on to win the German player of the year award (not a bad award to win), and become the sixth most expensive player of all time. Straight in? More likely than Martial I’d say, but you’ll have to find £10 million in order to do it.

Aaron Lennon had a relatively successful spell at Everton last season and has returned permanently. Other than Ross Barkley, no other Everton midfielder has either  scored or assisted so far this season. This could mean Lennon finds himself in the starting XI come Saturday lunchtime.

One very likely starter is Virgil Van Dyk, who Southampton have bought to line up alongside Jose Fonte at the heart of their defence. Only Fonte remains of the Saints’ reliable back line of last season. Injury to Ryan Bertrand, the selling of Nathaniel Clyne and the failure to land Toby Alderweireld permanently has seen Southampton struggle defensively. Van Dyk has been Celtics best player for a few seasons now. And he takes a mean free kick too.

So, there’s a selection. Other than that, the big news of deadline day surrounded a player that didn’t move – David De Gea. His value has fallen to £5.3 million during his absence from the United team. But now, following the collapse of his move to Real Madrid, he’s apparently back in contention. Those with Sergio Romero in their teams need to take note.





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