Gameweek 10 results

1 Uriah Rennie 2nd XI Neil Greenwood 52 571
2 Paris Spinks Germain David Spinks 89 546
3 NaboombuDirtyYellows Andrew Swift 61 539
4 Upper Bullens Andy Taylor 57 531
5 * Your Ad Here * Matthew Hopkins 56 526
6 Sportingabiggerwig Alex Ritchie 45 512
7 Hedgehog Corpse FC Nick Smith 69 511
8 Shoelace Untied Caroline Strong 79 506
9 Pretty Schitty City Alex Michaluk 59 503
10 Neil Madrid Neil Strong 80 503
11 Ciderheads Darren Pope 56 502
12 Bermie Utd Glen Davies 50 499
13 RayCrawfordsCrackers Rob Hewer 51 498
14 Panza Grande XI Stuart Baker 47 495
15 Rip Roaring Reds Sean Whyton 51 493
16 Gaalatcticos Colin Goulding 53 491
17 Pescara Rangers Stewart Pope 67 489
18 Crazylegs XI David Caldicott 47 454
19 Luxembourg United Simon Smallbone 67 449
20 Biscuitmen Chris Morton 37 445
21 The Mindless Morons John Seacroft 55 431
22 Who R U DEAN CRIPPS 46 430
23 Get to the choppa Mark Bromham 43 429
24 No Recognized Plan Paul Bentz 33 425
25 Release The Hounds Paul Mitchell 45 425
26 Real Jorvik FC Simon Brown 53 424
27 Van Damme United P Hawkins 43 415
28 Accrington Rudyard Ian Williams 48 412
29 Jordie’s Giants Jordan Raper 31 334


It wasn’t too hard getting Diego Costa to fit into your team. Sergio Aguero proved slightly harder, but after a bit of shifting around and an over reliance on Burnley defenders you finally managed it. Now you’ve got to figure out how on earth to squeeze Alexis Sanchez in there. Sanchez achieved his third consecutive double figure score and moved on to 70 points, becoming the highest scoring player across the whole game, overtaking Graziano Pelle, who held the top spot for one week only. Sanchez is the form player, but wasn’t the highest scoring player of the week. It was he and Callum Chambers that combined to down Burnley on Saturday. And it’s Chambers who ends with week with the highest total thanks to his clean sheet points and pipping his Chilean team mate to the top bonus marks.

Sanchez and Chambers combined to propel this weeks highest scoring team from sixth to second place in the league. Paris Spinks Germain finished the gameweek with 89 points, and have closed the gap on Uriah to 25 points. PSG were at a low of 13th just two gameweeks ago. Languishing even more, and also scoring big this week courtesy of the Arsenal duo are Shoelace. They were as low as 25th in week six. Their sensational run of four consecutive 60+ scores, culminating in this week’s 79 point total, puts them in eighth place, jumping seven places from 15th. Jumping six places are our second highest scoring team of the week, Neil Madrid. Their 80 points was accumulated thanks to Chambers (no Sanchez), and was ably assisted by Clyne and Bertrand’s obligatory clean sheet, Fabregas’ obligatory assist, Aguero’s obligatory goal and Eden Hazard. Nothing too obligatory about Hazard still – yet he sits fourth in the midfielder rankings and is quietly going about his business.


Player of the week – Callum Chambers – 18 points. Set for a continued run in the Arsenal back four with Debuchy still weeks from an expected return

Bargain of the week – Steven Fletcher – 13 points. His second weekly award.

Donkey of the week – Chris Smalling – -2 points. Is there no end to United’s defensive problems?

Goal of the week – Oscar. Bender.



Gameweek 7 results

1 Uriah Rennie 2nd XI Neil Greenwood 63 397
2 NaboombuDirtyYellows Andrew Swift 62 380
3 Sportingabiggerwig Alex Ritchie 70 374
4 * Your Ad Here * Matthew Hopkins 61 371
5 Bermie Utd Glen Davies 67 365
6 Panza Grande XI Stuart Baker 72 362
7 Gaalatcticos Colin Goulding 67 362
8 Upper Bullens Andy Taylor 66 359
9 RayCrawfordsCrackers Rob Hewer 56 344
10 Rip Roaring Reds Sean Whyton 59 339
11 Paris Spinks Germain David Spinks 45 332
11 Pretty Schitty City Alex Michaluk 44 332
13 Hedgehog Corpse FC Nick Smith 50 332
14 Ciderheads Darren Pope 57 330
15 Biscuitmen Chris Morton 59 326
16 Crazylegs XI David Caldicott 50 316
17 Neil Madrid Neil Strong 45 312
18 Pescara Rangers Stewart Pope 54 307
19 Van Damme United P Hawkins 54 305
20 Get to the choppa Mark Bromham 68 302
21 Shoelace Untied Caroline Strong 64 298
22 No Recognized Plan Paul Bentz 58 297
23 Real Jorvik FC Simon Brown 48 294
24 Release The Hounds Paul Mitchell 60 290
25 Who R U DEAN CRIPPS 43 284
26 Luxembourg United Simon Smallbone 45 282
27 Accrington Rudyard Ian Williams 53 280
28 The Mindless Morons John Seacroft 51 275
29 Jordie’s Giants Jordan Raper 37 261


Panza Grande pick up their first award of the season, scoring 72 points and winning manager of the week. There were some high and healthy scores in the league this week posting higher than the average of 51.

It was a week in which many of the form players didn’t disappoint. Angel Di Maria’s ownership is increasing in the hundreds of thousands every week, and understandably so. His 13 point score is his third in double figures, and his third in which he’s assisted and scored. He’s yet to bag the highest weekly score, but it’s probably only a matter of time. Gylfi Sigurdsson has had a few fallow weeks, but also managed his third double figure score, achieving his fifth and sixth assists of the season. That’s one behind Cesc Fabregas in the assists table. And as usual that assist helped Diego Costa to his obligatory goal.

Finally arriving at the point scoring party, and long overdue, are Eden Hazard and Yaya Toure. Toure in particular has been disappointing so far this season, managing to score no higher than three points – and that was only once and in the first game of the season. His first goal and first bonus marks will have pleased any managers who’d persevered with him. He’s been so out of favour in fantasy world that his ownership has dropped to just 8.2% and his value by £0.3 million. It may take a few more weeks of similar scores to turn managers back on to the prospect of buying him again, although £10.7million still seems a little overpriced.

The trend among the strikers continues. But for Costa and Aguero, the best striking options in the game remain in the £5-6 million bracket. The five best of the week all landed in that price range. Firstly, Sunderland’s Steven Fletcher and Connor Wickham. Sunderland’s first victory came courtesy of two goals from Fletcher and one from Wickham. Steven Naismith bagged his fourth of the season in the week his value fell back to £5.2 million from a high of £5.6 million a fortnight ago. Diafra Sakho has scored in three successive games now for West Ham. He’s been under the radar somewhat, but will probably see his value increase now he’s risen into the top 10 striker standings. And Papiss Cisse bagged his second brace of the season, which will be a welcome to relief to long suffering Newcastle fans. Maybe the Senegalese can recapture the form he had when he first joined the club.


Player of the week – Steven Fletcher – 15 points. Would be such a good FPL option if he could steer clear of injury.

Bargain of the week – Riyad Mahrez – 13 points. Another player just coming to life this week.

Donkey of the week – Nedum Onuoha – -1 points. A little bit unlucky, but it was only a matter of time before we got a QPR donkey

Goal of the week – Ross Wallace. Not up to the standard of last week, but a nice free kick all the same.

Gameweek 16 preview

08 Dec 15:00 Arsenal Arsenal v West Brom West Brom
08 Dec 15:00 Aston Villa Aston Villa v Stoke City Stoke City
08 Dec 15:00 Southampton Southampton v Reading Reading
08 Dec 15:00 Sunderland Sunderland v Chelsea Chelsea
08 Dec 15:00 Swansea Swansea v Norwich Norwich
08 Dec 15:00 Wigan Wigan v QPR QPR
09 Dec 13:30 Man City Man City v Man Utd Man Utd
09 Dec 15:00 Everton Everton v Tottenham Tottenham
09 Dec 16:00 West Ham West Ham v Liverpool Liverpool
10 Dec 20:00 Fulham Fulham v Newcastle Newcastle
11 Dec 19:45 Sunderland Sunderland v Reading Reading

The main conundrum this week, if you worry about these kind of things, is whether to slip a couple of Reading and/or Sunderland players into your team. Both play twice. Sunderland face Chelsea at home, whilst Reading travel to Southampton. Then they face each other on the Tuesday night. The question is, is it worth it?

Well, possibly. If you have two free transfers available to you this week it could be an option. Maybe even take a four point hit and bring in a third player. Bear in mind you’re stuck with them for the following weeks games, unless you’re a serial tinkerer, and then that won’t matter. Although they do come up against two of the worst defences in the league in the next gameweek – Arsenal and Manchester United. That’s not a joke.

So, who to bring in? All the stats would suggest you’ll get more out of some Sunderland players than you would Reading players. They have more accumulative fantasy points, the best goalscorer, the more reliable keeper, and the better defence. Yet, in recent weeks their form has slumped. Steven Fletcher has one goal in ten games, and they’ve the tougher first game against Chelsea. Reading are away at Southampton, who’ve picked up in form, but still look likely to concede. Reading have scored more goals, including the three they bagged against United last weekend. Adam Le Fondre is the form striker across the two teams and Jobi MacAnuff has contributed the most assists of the two teams.

Then make one of those players captain.

And then there’s who to replace. There are a couple of big name players suspended, injured or doubtful for the weekend. You might consider a swap for a week. Straight in and straight out for the same player. Luis Suarez is suspended and Gareth Bale looks unlikely to feature. Demba Ba, Peter Crouch, Theo Walcott and David Silva are all touch and go. This tactic only really works if the player you’re moving out is priced the same now as he was when you bought him. Luis Suarez is worth 10.5 million now – if you bought him at 9.5, then that’s one hell of a hit to take.

Or you could just not bother.

Gameweek 7 preview

It’s the last weekend before the international break, after which we have 14 consecutive gameweeks of Premier League action. October is a short one – only three gameweeks before we know our next manager of the month.

It starts with this weekend’s fixtures. Will Man City fail in their clean sheet quest this week? Well, yeah! – they’re at home against Sunderland. I’m sure they’ll want a clean sheet, but they will probably settle for scoring more goals than Steven Fletcher. United too will be lucky to get through the weekend without conceding as they come up against another of the league’s in form hot shots, Demba Ba, at Newcastle. Dont bet against the win, just don’t rely on the defenders to do you any favours. It’s been a  long while since Liverpool were clean sheet bankers, so definitely, definitely don’t put your defensive eggs in a red-half-of-Merseyside basket this weekend. Peter Crouch (hotshot number 3) is the number one English striker, and I imagine he’d love to score against his old club. 

Best clean sheet options of the week – Chelsea, and er…West Brom?! Norwich conceded five last weekend – which doesn’t bode well for them against a more potent attack – like Chelsea’s. After a few quiet weeks Eden Hazard may get back in among the points. He’s still features in most Buckets teams. He’s been on the brink of the chop from my squad for a few weeks – but there’s always an inkling he’ll start scoring again. This week the inkling is too big to ignore. I’ll hold off bringing in Bale or Gervinho for one more week. And the Baggies have loads of great mid priced scoring options as well as a solid-looking and cheap defence to plunder. They’ll be confident of a win at home against QPR, who sit bottom of the league, and have made their worst start ever to a top flight season.

Rip Roaring Reds’ lead is slowly being pegged back. They had a pretty poor week last week. The best weekly scores in gamweek 6 came from teams in the middle of the table.There’s a fair bit of bunching going on around the 300 point mark. Look from 6th down to 21st place – only 29 points separate these teams. You have a good week you can climb 10 places – you have a bad week you drop 10 places. There’s hope for me yet.

Gameweek 6 results

1 Rip Roaring Reds Sean Whyton 24 364
2 A Few Good Men Darren Pope 44 339
3 Hedgehog Corpse FC Nick Smith 38 339
4 Uriah Rennie 2nd XI Neil Greenwood 29 326
5 Body Issues FC Arron Fellows 36 323
6 Pimp My Side Jordan Raper 40 311
7 Bermie Utd Glen Davies 40 309
8 Pescara Rangers Stewart Pope 38 308
9 A Pint of Fuller’s P Hawkins 53 307
10 None Of The Above Jonny Mabbutt 64 303
11 Panza Grande XI Stuart Baker 40 301
12 Fancy a brouhaha? Ian Williams 28 299
12 Upper Bullens Scouse Mouse 57 299
14 Les Canaris David Spinks 60 295
15 Shadwell Town Ed Carter 67 292
16 Moxie XI Luke O’Shea 40 291
17 Shoelace Untied Caroline Strong 30 287
18 Doing the 91 Colin Goulding 34 286
19 Inter Ealing Paul Bentz 42 283
20 Lothersdale FC Simon Rider 42 282
21 goodbutnosigurdsson Rob Hewer 47 282
22 Release The Hounds 5 Paul Mitchell 35 279
23 (Your Ad Here) Matthew Hopkins 35 273
24 Crazy Legs XI David Caldicott 29 271
25 Neil Madrid Neil Strong 29 269
26 Real Jorvik Simon Brown 41 268
27 Borussia HairBack Alex Ritchie 35 255
28 Pretty Schitty City Alex Michaluk 31 243

Although, someone might have to remind me how to play this game. I thought it’d be worth the 8 point hit making another three transfers. They seemed like a good idea at the time. I’m now relegation fodder. Almost got it right – went all out on Everton – just picked the wrong bastard players. I’ve been a bit transfer happy this season – a bit too “tinkerman”. I’m leaving them alone for a few weeks. It’s an international break after this next gameweek. That’s when my season starts. And to think, I thought I had an outside chance of Manager of the Month…

…And that award goes to Bermie United, who held off a strong challenge from Les Canaris to hold on to the lead in the monthly league table, thus…

1 Bermie Utd Glen Davies 40 221
2 Les Canaris David Spinks 60 218
3 Upper Bullens Scouse Mouse 57 218
4 A Few Good Men Darren Pope 44 210
5 A Pint of Fuller’s P Hawkins 53 206
6 Hedgehog Corpse FC Nick Smith 38 205
7 None Of The Above Jonny Mabbutt 64 204

And the Manager of the week award goes to Shadwell Town, who still hasn’t made any transfers – that’s none in 44 gameweeks. Yet, their score of 67 is enough to win them the weekly award, and push them up into mid-table.

It was another unfathomable week. Only two clean sheets. Anyone with a Stoke or Sunderland defender? Not many of us. Other than Ryan Shawcross (in 18% of teams) and Asmir Begovic (in 8% of teams), FPL managers across the board aren’t keen on a red and white striped defence. Yet, almost 20% of teams still have Vincent Kompany. That’s Vincent “no-clean-sheets-no-bonus-points-still-in-single-figures-and-all-for-a-whopping-seven-million” Kompany.

At the other end of the pitch Luis Suarez stopped diving, cheating and being a general scumbag, whilst all the time hitting the post and the side netting, to finally give Liverpool fans something to smile about. He was the week’s top scorer. Demba Ba becomes the top scoring player, bagging another two goals, his fifth in three games, and picking up his fourth triple bonus point tally in six games. Peter Crouch scored two, and if the England team was picked on FPL points, Crouchy would be in it. And Steven Fletcher gets another mention – he’s played four times for Sunderland, scored in every one, and got full bonus marks every time. Who needs those 10 million plus big boys when you can spend 7 or 8 million on these players, and be almost guaranteed a goal and bonus every week?

  • Player of the week. Luis Suarez – 20 points. The second hat trick of the season and the second 20+ score of the season
  • Bargain of the week. Peter Crouch – 13 points. Still only 6.6 million
  • Donkey of the week. Samba Diakite – -2 points. 20 minutes, then off.

Goal of the weekend

Could have been Demba Ba, but I’m trying to be unbiased.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.