Gameweek 16 results

How much longer before we’re completely rid of our Manchester City players? Raheem Sterling has exited close to a million teams in the last month and with that seen an almost half million pounds price drop. There comes a time when patience just becomes sheer stubbornness and stupidity. Let it go, let it go. And as for Kevin De Bruyne, the one asset we all thought we’d stick by… Just because he was dirt cheap in the first place, shouldn’t mean he’s not replacable when the points dry up. He doesn’t look quite so cheap now when you compare his current form to that of Son and Alli, or even Jonjo bloody Shelvey. It is Arsenal this weekend though?!

It was a good week for Locky’s at the top, re-establishing a lead with the highest score in the top ten. It looks like the Spurs bandwagon has been well and truly jumped upon by a number of teams, most notably our leaders and Atletico Chappers, who leap up into third – possibly their highest placing ever. Chappers opted away from Vardy as captain and chose Harry Kane, who posted only his second double digit score of the season – the first being in GW1. Smooth.

Locky Bauer Bowyer
Paul Hawkins
79 1007
Game of Stones
Ryan Garoghan
67 963
Atlético Chappers
Richard Chapman
72 945
Sterling Silva
46 944
Noel Driver
68 938
FC Caligula
Ajay Supeda
52 935
musttryharder fc
Paul Telford
54 927
Rip Roaring Reds
Sean Whyton
75 922
Micheal Dinneen
66 920
Neil Madrid
Neil Strong
66 910

Our monster score of the week, however, came from Kebab Eaters, who despite being down in 33rd place are on a bit of a roll. They’ve climbed 3.5 million places in the last seven weeks, managing consecutive green arrows. This 94 point haul was in among the top 20k worldwide and was miraculously made up of a five man defence in a week in which only four teams kept clean sheets. Standard captain plus a nice smattering of Spurs players, which I imagine may increase over the coming weeks, also saw them race into early contention for the December monthly prize.

Manager of the week – Kebab Eaters United – Paul Howard – 94 points

Player of the week – Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur – 16 points

Bargain of the week – George Baldock – Sheffield United – 14 points

Twat of the week – Matt Targett – Aston Villa – -1 points

Goal of the week – Heung-Min Son. 

Gameweek 22 results

1 Golden Boys Stephanie Cripps 55 1,214
2 Your Ad Here Matthew Hopkins 73 1,205
3 FC Caligula Ajay Supeda 74 1,203
4 4 Lime Jellies Ian Williams 57 1,178
5 Atlético Chappers Richard Chapman 77 1,157
6 Game of Throw ins Darren Lavelle 62 1,155
7 Edgbaston Micheal Dinneen 74 1,151
8 greensmeansbusiness adam greenwood 40 1,150
9 Rocky Ba Bauer P Hawkins 71 1,150
10 Walking with Memphis Noel Driver 47 1,148
11 Shoelace Untied Caroline Strong 56 1,145
12 Gaalacticos Colin Goulding 52 1,145
13 Sergio Five O DEAN CRIPPS 51 1,144
14 The Kolarov Mané Trevor Gordon 71 1,144
15 Pretty Schitty City Alex Michaluk 56 1,142
16 Bicuitmen Chris Morton 62 1,141
17 Howayman Mark Bromham 32 1,132
18 Grievous AngelRangel Andrew Swift 75 1,131
19 SS3 FC Paul Murray 46 1,131
20 Hedgehog Corpse FC Nick Smith 54 1,131
21 scotty2hotty scott mcgow 52 1,127
22 Init fc Mustafa khan 67 1,121
23 Romeo’s Honda Van Rob Hewer 71 1,120
24 Below Par Paul Bentz 60 1,103
25 JonniestaRedmondinho David Spinks 48 1,099
26 The Craggy Islanders Adrian Roche 63 1,097
27 Rip Roaring Reds Sean Whyton 41 1,094
28 Uriah Rennie 2nd XI Neil Greenwood 72 1,087
29 Panza Grande XI Stuart Baker 57 1,085
30 Neil Madrid Neil Strong 49 1,082
31 Bermie Utd Glen Davies 40 1,075
32 Upper Bullens Andy Taylor 49 1,057
33 The Mindless Morons John Seacroft 21 1,053
34 The Hardy Boys Alan Hardy 66 1,022
36 Go Buffoons Go!!! Jitesh Lakhani 46 1,019
37 Ciderheads Darren Pope 39 996
38 Release The Hounds Paul Mitchell 64 994
39 Baker Bum Boys Lewis Baker 39 970
40 Crazy Legs XI David Caldicott 45 962
41 Bish Bosh Goal Simon Purnell 38 933
42 Sweet Cherry Pie Jason Earwicker 41 933
43 REAL JORVIK Simon Brown 51 858
44 BrussiaHairbach Alex Ritchie 65 826


Atletico Chappers score 77 points this week to claim the manager of the week prize. They were 18th only a fortnight ago, but have now risen to 5th, which goes to show that with a couple of good scores under your belt there are still opportunities to climb this league. Chappers sit at the top of that congested middle order which sees just 37 points separate 19 places. Chappers brought in Sergio Aguero in gameweek 20 to replace Romelu Lukaku, which was a brave move, given Lukaku’s form up until that point. Aguero has since scored 26 points to Lukaku’s nine. An inspired transfer.

On Sunday evening we had new leaders. Golden Boys have had a poor month, sitting only 33rd in the January table. After the Sunday games both Your Ad Here and FC Caligula had overtaken them at the top of the table. Not for the first time this season Ashley Williams added vital points to Golden Boys’ score to reclaim their place at the summit. Williams’ goal, clean sheet and bonuses totalled 15 points. Williams scored three consecutive 9 point scores in December with similar effect. The gap at the top was 27 points last week. It’s now down to nine. Could it be time for the Golden Boys to finally play a wildcard?

It was another week in which the old reliables of the first half of the season failed to deliver. Best epitomised by Riyad Mahrez, who missed his second penalty of the season. It’s five weeks of nothingness now from the Algerian. But whereas Leicester are still maintaining a title challenge of sorts, Watford’s bubble may have burst. And with it the scoring run of Troy Deeney and Odion Ighalo. We appear to be in the middle of a changing of the guard as far as form players are concerned. And it’s happened pretty much as the first half of the season has finished and the second half has started. Only Mesut Ozil, of those previous big hitters, occupies a place on the first page of form players. Maybe we’ll all be playing those wildcards a lot sooner than we thought.


Player of the week – Charlie Daniels – 18 points. Bournemouth’s full backs are definitely worth a look at the moment.

Bargain of the week – Matt Targett – 11 points. From nowhere. Two consecutive double figure scores. And for £3.7 million.

Donkey of the week – Scott Dann – 0 points. Another bubble burst?

Goal of the week – Ayoze Perez.