Gameweek 38 results

1 FC Caligula Ajay Supeda 48 2,261
2 The Kolarov Mané Trevor Gordon 76 2,245
3 Your Ad Here Matthew Hopkins 37 2,234
4 Shoelace Untied Caroline Strong 57 2,215
5 Edgbaston Micheal Dinneen 64 2,210
6 Rocky Ba Bauer P Hawkins 38 2,190
7 Game of Throw ins Darren Lavelle 42 2,162
8 Golden Boys Stephanie Cripps 41 2,158
9 Init fc Mustafa khan 65 2,149
10 Walking with Memphis Noel Driver 86 2,148
11 Atlético Chappers Richard Chapman 55 2,124
12 Sergio Five O DEAN CRIPPS 55 2,101
13 JonniestaRedmondinho David Spinks 39 2,086
14 Neil Madrid Neil Strong 59 2,082
15 Bicuitmen Chris Morton 35 2,074
16 4 Lime Jellies Ian Williams 41 2,068
17 SS3 FC Paul Murray 44 2,055
18 scotty2hotty scott mcgow 47 2,054
19 The Craggy Islanders Adrian Roche 52 2,053
20 Howayman Mark Bromham 38 2,052
21 Hedgehog Corpse FC Nick Smith 38 2,036
22 Gaalacticos Colin Goulding 41 2,024
23 Grievous AngelRangel Andrew Swift 37 2,016
24 Uriah Rennie 2nd XI Neil Greenwood 42 2,005
25 Pretty Schitty City Alex Michaluk 26 1,993
26 Romeo’s Honda Van Rob Hewer 15 1,990
27 Bermie Utd Glen Davies 32 1,983
28 Rip Roaring Reds Sean Whyton 47 1,957
29 Below Par Paul Bentz 32 1,945
30 Panza Grande XI Stuart Baker 36 1,943
32 greensmeansbusiness adam greenwood 16 1,928
33 The Mindless Morons John Seacroft 29 1,905
34 The Hardy Boys Alan Hardy 42 1,902
35 Release The Hounds Paul Mitchell 49 1,883
36 Upper Bullens Andy Taylor 47 1,872
37 Sweet Cherry Pie Jason Earwicker 21 1,870
38 Go Buffoons Go!!! Jitesh Lakhani 39 1,801
39 Crazy Legs XI David Caldicott 27 1,792
40 Ciderheads Darren Pope 56 1,783
41 Baker Bum Boys Lewis Baker 27 1,781
42 Bish Bosh Goal Simon Purnell 31 1,578
43 REAL JORVIK Simon Brown 45 1,553
44 BrussiaHairbach Alex Ritchie 38 1,439


We’ve a lot to thank Villa for this season. Being so unquestionably bad has helped many of us in our quest for points, not least this last weekend in which they came up against Arsenal. Arsenal’s one surviving forward, Olivier Giroud, expectedly scored big, and as a result of being handed the armband by Edgbaston, helped them to manager of the month prize.

1 Edgbaston Micheal Dinneen 64 178
2 Walking with Memphis Noel Driver 86 177
3 Init fc Mustafa khan 65 167


The picture was very different one minute before the end of last night’s game however. That award belonged to Walking With Memphis, who also had the foresight to give Giroud the captaincy. Then up popped Chris Smalling to score…in his own net. It left Memphis 10 points worse off – and then the final whistle went. Memphis did pick up their third manager of the week award, but you don’t win anything for that. Not this season at least. Sorry Memphis. The 86 points accrued came largely from Giroud’s hat trick performance, but Leighton Baines and Sadio Mane also added double figure scores.

Edgbaston may have held off Memphis in the manager of the month race, but they were unable to prevent Shoelace from claiming fourth place in the final standings. The only change in the top four from last week was The Kolarov Mane and Your Ad Here’s switch. Your Ad Here went all Spurs with a major last week wobble. The only thing that would have seen Your Ad Here jump back into second was a performance of the season from Simon Francis. Edgbaston had sneaked ahead of Shoelace before last night’s game, but it looked unlikely that position would hold. With or without the Smalling own goal, Shoelace were always going to finish fourth.


Player of the week – Olivier Giroud – 17 points. Sneaking second.

Bargain of the week – Daryl Janmaat – 13 points. Too little…etc etc

Donkey of the week – Mark Bunn – -1 points. Aptly Villa.

Goal of the week – James McCarthy. Terrible video. The first goal.







Gameweek 16 results and Gameweek 17 preview

1 Pescara Rangers Stewart Pope 84 897
2 Les Canaris David Spinks 55 869
3 Hedgehog Corpse FC Nick Smith 53 859
4 A Few Good Men Darren Pope 72 851
5 Pimp My Side Jordan Raper 61 846
6 A Pint of Fuller’s P Hawkins 61 842
7 Shoelace Untied Caroline Strong 68 832
8 Uriah Rennie 2nd XI Neil Greenwood 52 819
9 (Your Ad Here) Matthew Hopkins 60 806
10 None Of The Above Jonny Mabbutt 66 800
11 Body Issues FC Arron Fellows 53 796
12 Fancy a brouhaha? Ian Williams 72 793
13 Doing the 91 Colin Goulding 58 793
14 Neil Madrid Neil Strong 79 790
15 Rip Roaring Reds Sean Whyton 51 789
16 Panza Grande XI Stuart Baker 54 785
17 Bermie Utd Glen Davies 51 784
18 Upper Bullens Scouse Mouse 50 779
19 Moxie XI Luke O’Shea 29 742
20 Borussia HairBack Alex Ritchie 51 736
21 goodbutnosigurdsson Rob Hewer 60 735
22 Crazy Legs XI David Caldicott 51 732
22 Release The Hounds 5 Paul Mitchell 35 732
24 Pretty Schitty City Alex Michaluk 56 727
25 Lothersdale FC Simon Rider 65 723
26 Inter Ealing Paul Bentz 62 720
27 Real Jorvik Simon Brown 75 700

Due to having a dose of manflu so severe I can barely walk, and being about as prepared and organised for Christmas as Man City are for last minute free kicks, I’m combining last weeks results with the coming weeks fixture preview. This might happen again over the coming weeks. I only hope I can keep up with the gameweeks and not miss anything. Although I do hope some of you are so stuffed/pissed/embedded with family that you forget your managerial duties and let me climb a few more places. Thanks.

Not too many people – hardly anyone in fact – thought there’d be much advantage in drafting in Sunderland and Reading players this week – and they’d be half right. Reading didn’t offer anything. They didn’t score and conceded 4. Only Adam Federici, who picked up 2 extra points for the saves he made, scored anything other than their basic appearance points. Sunderland, by virtue of the convincing win over Reading, did have a good week. Their defeat to Chelsea was maybe expected, but they did score a goal courtesy of Adam Johnson. He also picked up a bonus point out of that game. James McLean was credited with the assist. McLean also scored against Reading, assisted by Johnson. Carlos Cuellar assisted and kept a clean sheet. John O’Shea and Simon Mignolet were the other clean sheet keepers. Sessegnon and Fletcher were the other goal scorers, with Danny Rose grabbing the last assist. Across those players there were plenty of points to be had, particularly with McLean, Johnson and Cuellar, who all nothced double figures. Giving McLean the captaincy would have bagged you 32 points. This was enough to make McLean the overall player of the week.

And after all that, Pescara Rangers win the gameweek with 84 points, and not a Reading or Sunderland player in sight. There were lots of goals around this week. Even Fernando Torres found the net twice, as did Michu, as usual, Arteta, twice from the penalty spot, James McCarthy and Wayne Rooney. Pescara bravely handed Torres the captaincy, scoring 32 points. Van Persie, Michu, Yaya, Tevez and Jason Puncheon all added goals or assists.

A word on the Manc derby –  Rio’s been asking for that for years. All that hurtling forward 90 yards to celebrate goals he had nothing to do with, kissing his badge and thrusting his hair lip in the faces of the opposition fans. Wanker.

15 Dec 12:45 Newcastle Newcastle v Man City Man City
15 Dec 15:00 Liverpool Liverpool v Aston Villa Aston Villa
15 Dec 15:00 Man Utd Man Utd v Sunderland Sunderland
15 Dec 15:00 Norwich Norwich v Wigan Wigan
15 Dec 15:00 QPR QPR v Fulham Fulham
15 Dec 15:00 Stoke City Stoke City v Everton Everton
16 Dec 13:30 Tottenham Tottenham v Swansea Swansea
16 Dec 16:00 West Brom West Brom v West Ham West Ham
17 Dec 20:00 Reading Reading v Arsenal Arsenal

As for next week, well, Torres won’t be adding to his tally. Chelsea don’t play. Their opponents would have been Southampton, so Jason Puncheon can’t add to that run of form either. A few teams will have decisions to make on what to do with their Chelsea and/or Saints players. Both teams have winnable home fixtures in week 18, so providing your not going to be left with only 10 men, just leave it for a week. You pick up two free subs along the way. Then there’s the quick switch option. Kicking Torres out for a week to bring in a striker purposely for this weeks fixtures could work. How many could Van Persie or Rooney get against Sunderland? Suarez could have as good week against Villa. Defoe against Swansea? Tevez or Aguero against Newcastle? Sebastian Bassong against Wigan even? You read that right. Three goals in four games for the Norwich centre half, and three consecutive clean sheets before that. Whose to say he won’t score and keep a clean sheet this weekend. Not bad for a player who has suffered 3 relegations in the last 5 seasons, and was probably expecting another one in this.

  • Player of the week – James McLean – 16 points. Had to be a player from one of the teams that played twice
  • Bargain of the week – James McCarthy – 15 points. Should also have been from one of the teams that played twice.
  • Donkey of the week – Ashley Williams – -1 points. Torn apart by Norwich.

Goal of the weekend

Glen Johnson v West Ham