Gameweek 1 results

1  new Fun Lovren Criminals
Paul Callaghan
88 88
2  new INIT FC
Mustafa khan
86 86
3  new Crazylegs XI
David Caldicott
85 85
4  new Despicable Mee
Trevor Gordon
84 84
5  new Jarv88
Paul Jarvis
80 80
6  new Aquamar 1564
Noel Driver
79 79
7  new romeoshondavan
Rob Hewer
78 78
7  new Rip Roaring Reds
Sean Whyton
78 78
9  new Edgbaston
Micheal Dinneen
77 77
9  new Rico united
77 77
11  new The winnings R mine
david bruce
75 75
12  new FC Caligula
Ajay Supeda
72 72
12  new King Dunlap
Paul Bentz
72 72
14  new Gotta Light?
Andrew Swift
70 70
15  new Klopp of the Pochs
Jason Earwicker
69 69
16  new It’sOnlyAGameFarke!
David Spinks
68 68
17  new Nashton Villa
Jaime Nash
67 67
18  new cookster fc
Peter Cook
65 65
18  new Golden Boys
Stephanie Cripps
65 65
18  new Release The Hounds
Paul Mitchell
65 65
21  new mrs mcgoo
laura barrett
64 64
22  new Brexiter City
Colin Goulding
63 63
23  new Hornets
Andrew Wade
62 62
24  new The Craggy Islanders
Adrian Roche
61 61
24  new Queen of the north
61 61
24  new Flying squad
Matt Jarvis
61 61
27  new Pure Buffoonery!
Jitesh Lakhani
60 60
27  new Kompany & Co
60 60
29  new Upper Bullens
Andy Taylor
59 59
30  new disco dancer
darren frankland
58 58
31  new Bakerlona FC
Stuart Baker
55 55
31  new Game of Throw-Ins
Ryan Garoghan
55 55
33  new musttryharder FC
Paul Telford
54 54
34  new Neil Madrid
Neil Strong
52 52
35  new The Vinegar Pissers
P Hawkins
51 51
35  new Your Ad Here
Matthew Hopkins
51 51
35  new Emergency Gap Jumper
Ian Williams
51 51
38  new greenyteamy
adam greenwood
50 50
38  new FTM
Stu Smith
50 50
40  new Real Jorvik
Simon Brown
49 49
41  new Atlético Chappers
Richard Chapman
47 47
41  new Biscuitmen
Chris Morton
47 47
43  new We are Ayling
Paul Murray
46 46
44  new Kebab Eaters Utd
Paul Howard
45 45
44  new blakes11
Steven Darling
45 45
46  new To Elland Back
Alan Hardy
44 44
47  new iamgroot
scott mcgow
42 42
48  new Pretty Schitty City
Alex Michaluk
41 41
49  new Pudding And Pie
John Seacroft
37 37
50  new Shoelace Untied
Caroline Strong
32 32


Manager of the week –  Fun Lovren Criminals – 88 points.

It happens so often that the last game of the weekend saves a gameweek. Romelu Lukaku’s 13 point haul, doubled to 26 with the armband, was the score that took Fun Lovren Criminals to the Buckets summit for week one and win them the first manager of the week accolade. Lukaku and Harry Kane vied for top ownership and top captain choice for this opening round of fixtures. Those opting for the United forward reaped the rewards. Kane lovers had the added disappointment of seeing their man booked, and thus picking up a measly two points as skipper. Impressive Premier League club debuts from Mohamed Salah, Alexandre Lacazette and Sead Kolasinac also contributed to FLC’s early lead, and the performance of all of those four players in particular bodes well for their fantasy careers.

Player of the week – Ahmed Hegazi – 15 points.

Best debut of the lot came from West Brom’s new Egyptian centre back, Ahmed Hegazi. Tony Pulis should just play a 1-10-0-0 and be done with it. No need for attackers. Don’t be surprised if a defender ends up as West Brom’s top scorer this season. Keep 13 clean sheets, score five or six goals, get to 40 points in March, start planning your holidays. Easy.

Bargain of the week – Sam Vokes – 13 points.                                                               Twat of the week – Gary Cahill – -3 points

Week one is never without it’s surprise results. Burnley sold their main striker the evening before. Their away record last season was shocking. Chelsea, the Champions, only lost twice at home last season, kept 16 clean sheets and beat their opponents 3-0 almost a year ago. When it goes tits up in week one it feels so much worse than at any other time of the season, probably because you’ve been aching over your selection since mid July. But no-one could have seen this coming. Although, as much as I don’t see Sam Vokes clogging up too many forward lines, I also don’t see too many Chelsea defenders in any of our squads either. Are they priced too highly? Shoelace however, who are propping us all up, were unfortunate enough to plump for Cahill. But for Lukaku, and a scoring start from Sergio Aguero, mid to low priced strikers came out on top. As well as Vokes, honorable mentions should go to Steve Mounie and some bloke called Wayne Rooney.

Goal of the week – Wayne Rooney.

Lets start with a cracking header – 1m06s.




End of season results

up The Craggy Islanders
Adrian Roche
85 2315
down When Harry met Alli
Trevor Gordon
80 2312
same Aquamar 15
Noel Driver
77 2274
up Kebab Eaters Utd
Paul Howard
110 2255

The Craggy Islanders are our champions. By three points. I think that might be our closest finish yet. It was looking at one point, before the bonuses came in, that it might end up being a tie. I’m glad it wasn’t. I didn’t fancy the season long count back of goals scored. The Islanders won the last weekly battle 85 to 80 – the five point gap enough to take over at the top. WHMA played the All Out Attack, but to no avail. It wouldn’t have made a difference had they not bothered.

The Islanders started this season as our first manager of the week and then spent most of the next three months coming and going, in and out of the top 10. They hit a century in gameweek 14 climbing back to the summit. From that moment on they never left the top four, clinging on to first for six weeks between 16 and 22, and then next appearing in top spot when it really mattered – gameweek 38.

Meaning When Harry Met Alli must settle for second place for the second successive year. They were always in the mix. They never dropped out of the top 10 but for one week in December. From the turn of the year they took up residence in the top four and never fell below that. They were at the head of the group of teams trying to peg back Aquamar through the last third of the season, managing to take the lead in gameweek 37. Perhaps their decision to play their bench boost a week earlier than The Islanders cost them the title. We’ll never know.

And we’ll never know whether Aquamar’s itchy transfer finger cost them the top prize. Sitting in the top 3,000 worldwide in gameweek 32 with an 80 point lead over their nearest Buckets challenger, they went on a complete transfer bender making 19 in the last six weeks. Not having Harry Kane to play out the final two weeks, however, was probably the biggest handicap. It was a season of what might have been for Aquamar, also finishing runners-up in the Buckets Cup to Shoelace Untied.

Fourth place was a battle to the death with five or so teams continuously changing places over the closing two months of the season. Kebab Eaters United eventually pipped Edgbaston to the last cash prize. Edgbaston finished fifth last year too, but do take home the prize for the May manager of the month and the highest weekly score – a record breaking 181 points in gameweek 37.

Shoelace ploughed all of their energy into winning the cup, taking 76 points worth of hits across three gameweeks in order to outscore their opponents. Curiously, they also climbed the table, proving that taking hits doesn’t necessarily always cost you points. As long as you bring in the right players. It’s not a tactic I’d suggest playing across an entire season.

Rico United were double month winners and Yeboah’s Right Foot won manager of the week more than anyone else, coming out on top four times. That’s probably pretty impressive in a 53 team league. The record still stands at seven in a 26 team league.

Alexis Sanchez topped the player charts by some distance, although had Harry Kane played out a full season, it’s probable he’d have collected more points. He finished joint third with Eden Hazard, and just behind Dele Alli, but missed eight games with injury. Tom Heaton was the top goalkeeper. He kept ten clean sheets, and headed both the saves made and bonus points tables to finish ahead of Hugo Lloris and Thibault Courtois. The Chelsea defence ruled. No-one got close to Cahill, Alonso and Azpilicueta. Kane, Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku topped the bonus charts, all scoring 33. Marcos Alonso’s value rose the most over the course of the season, £0.9 million to £6.9 million.

Picking a bargain buy of the season hasn’t been as easy as last year when we had so many Leicester players to choose from. West Brom’s second top scorer, Gareth McAuley, deserves a mention. The 804 year old defender started as a £4.5 million back up in many teams but probably lasted the distance thanks to his steady return of goals and clean sheets – up until the point that West Brom reached 40 points and they got the holiday brochures out. Josh King’s second half of the season was as prolific as any of the elite forward players in the league. Only Sanchez and Alli scored more from midfield. From gameweek 20 onwards he contributed in 13 of the 18 games he played in. Expect a position change and starting price rise for next season.

See you then.

Gameweek 25 preview

08 Feb 12:45 Liverpool v Arsenal
08 Feb 15:00 Aston Villa v West Ham
08 Feb 15:00 Chelsea v Newcastle
08 Feb 15:00 Crystal Palace v West Brom
08 Feb 15:00 Norwich v Man City
08 Feb 15:00 Southampton v Stoke City
08 Feb 15:00 Sunderland v Hull City
08 Feb 17:30 Swansea v Cardiff City
09 Feb 13:30 Tottenham v Everton
09 Feb 16:00 Man Utd v Fulham


The second most potent attack comes up against the second stingiest defence in the game of the weekend. Last week City against Chelsea produced one goal and a victory for the Chelsea defenders, with none of City’s attacking flair players picking up any worthwhile scores. If this Liverpool v Arsenal game follows a similar pattern, it’ll be the Arsenal defenders adding to your score over the Suarez and Sturridge partnership.

Whipping boys Fulham play champions Manchester United. How will the best front three in the country (Moyes’ words, not mine) cope with the worst defence in the league – any league. You’d expect better than they did against Stoke last weekend. Surely Mata, Van Persie and Rooney will be among the contenders for player of the week this week against a side who were dumped out of the FA Cup by a League two relegation candidate on Tuesday. Even with the likely inclusion of their big money deadline day singing, Konstantinos Mitroglou.

For clean sheet action, look to the North East again. Sunderland face a Hull side who haven’t scored an away goal for nearly two months. Not only are Sunderland keeping clean sheets, but they’re obviously having to work to do so. Vito Mannone is picking up plenty of save points, and their defenders are weighing in with plenty of bonuses too. And Chelsea should keep a blank against a demoralised looking Newcastle, who are still without Loic Remy. It’s six clean sheets in eight for Chelsea. Azpilicueta and Cahill both come in at under £6 million and are getting plenty of game time. Cahill, in particular, in recent weeks, has also contributed five bonus points and a couple of assists.