Season preview

August 10, 2017

The blog is going to look a little different this season. I’m going back to school. Literally. I decided I had it in me to train to become a teacher. It takes most youthful, energetic, ambitious and enthusiastic people three years. I’m going to do it all in one. At least that’s the plan. Its going to be an intense year. I wasn’t even sure I was going to enter a team, never mind run the league, but as soon as they published the player lists I couldn’t help but put a squad together. And it looked pretty good. Then the rest of you started signing up.

So – the league survives. Yet, I won’t have the time to update quite so much and quite as regularly. My aim is to produce a results round-up after each gameweek. From the end of August through the first weeks of September it might feel like I’ve disappeared completely. I haven’t. I’m just moving house. Just bear with me round that time until I get my set up…set up.

Last season was our most competitive yet. This season could be even better. We’ve lost a lot of non-starters from previous seasons. Separated the wheat from the chaff. We’re a very wheaty league. Full of proper fantasy players who take this shit seriously.

We’ve 49 teams at the minute. I’ve updated the cup and prize money links based on this. We may get one or two more entrants and I’ll alter accordingly if we do. Anyway, you can check out what you could win and when. Check out December. And when the cup starts, and how you achieve yourself a bye into the 1st round proper.

There’s a new chip to contemplate and then play in a blind panic in GW37. The ‘free hit’ replaces the fairly pointless ‘all out attack’. With it, you’re able to make unlimited free transfers for a single gameweek. Then, for the next gameweek, you’re squad reverts back to the line up you had before you played the chip. When to play? Dunno. Haven’t figured that out yet. It could work in any number of situations – if you play it right. Hope that helps. Bench boost and triple captain remain. As do the two wildcards – one for the first half of the season and another for the second half of the season. I’ve tried my best to explain the rules of our league (and cup) on the relevant pages. Any questions, please ask.

Good luck for the season ahead. Good luck squeezing those wing backs in. And picking the right cheap midfielder. And the right striking combo. At the head of the right formation. For the right amount of weeks before wildcard time. Good luck.


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