Gameweek 34 preview

April 21, 2017

Bournemouth 15:00 Middlesbrough
Hull 15:00 Watford
Swansea 15:00 Stoke
West Ham 15:00 Everton
Burnley 14:15 Man Utd
Liverpool 16:30 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 19:45 Southampton
Arsenal 19:45 Leicester
Middlesbrough 19:45 Sunderland
Crystal Palace 20:00 Spurs
Man City 20:00 Man Utd

It just doesn’t seem right not handing the captaincy to a player in a team playing twice during a double gameweek. That is unless it’s the worst double gameweek of all time. This one.

Palace are virtually safe and have two fixtures against much better teams with much more to play for. Spurs are taking teams apart at the moment. Two consecutive 4-0 victories could quite easily become three by 10pm on Wednesday. Christian Benteke is one of the most infuriating and belligerent FPL strikers of all time. Despite being in double figures for goals, he’s nowhere on the bonus table. Part of the skill of picking up bonuses is being able to pass and dribble – Benteke knows how to do neither. In Novemeber he went on a three week spree accumulating 28 points. It took him 15 more gameweeks to score the same total.

Middlesbrough can’t score. Don’t score. Probably won’t score. Even against Sunderland. They’ve only won four games. Their last victory was in December. Although they do like a 0-0. So bringing in a couple of Boro defenders could be worthwhile. No, not really – next week they play Manchester City. The week after its Chelsea. Don’t lumber yourself with Middlesbrough defenders.

Manchester United – surely rich pickings there for a double gameweek. Not necessarily. Progressing in the Europa League after extra time is the second worst thing that could have happened. The worst being the likely season ending injury to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who had made his way into many teams already ahead of this week. Even if neither of those things had happened, it’s likely their star man would have only played one game. United are rotating wildly at the moment, and will have to again. Who knows who could take the field against Burnley.

So you might as well pick Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku. Or Phil Jagielka. This could be one of those double gameweeks in which a single gameweeker records the highest score. It’s a dilemma. I imagine most managers will have taken a look at the GW37 double gameweek and decided that was the one to wildcard for, so it’ll be interesting to see how many of us have actually been bothered to indulge this week’s fixtures.


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