Gameweek 29 preview

March 17, 2017

West Brom 12:30 Arsenal
Crystal Palace 15:00 Watford
Everton 15:00 Hull
Stoke 15:00 Chelsea
Sunderland 15:00 Burnley
West Ham 15:00 Leicester
Bournemouth 17:30 Swansea
Middlesbrough 12:00 Man Utd
Spurs 14:15 Southampton
Man City 16:30 Liverpool

It’s back to the comfort of a regular 10 match gameweek, by the end of which we’ll know the winners of this season’s Buckets Cup. Shoelace Untied play league leaders, Aquamar. There may be 34 places separating them in the league, but Shoelace, over the duration of the cup, have outscored Aquamar in three of the five gameweeks. Their aggregate scores fall in favour of Aquamar 316-302, but it’s a close run thing.

For the semi final Shoelace decided to take as many hits as possible to get out the best possible team. It worked – to a degree. It was far from the best team performance, but it was enough to get them into the final, and strangely, even saw them climb the league. The same tactic might be a bit easier to implement this week with a full schedule and a full roster of players to choose from. The league has clearly escaped them, so taking the full whack of a 60 point hit is irrelevant. Maybe it’s even bench boost week for Shoelace? Aquamar have a full set of chips and wildcards at their disposal. With their team clearly set up for last week’s reduced fixture list, they may need to turn to their wildcard to get back on track.

Remember, a wildcard and a chip can’t be played in the same week, so those of you waiting to draft in players to play a bench boost or triple captain need to think about doing it beforehand. Another future gameweek has been reduced to allow for the FA Cup semi finals. Gameweek 34, as it stands, is down to just six fixtures, although I believe there is scope for some of those fixtures to be played within the same gameweek, either on Tuesday or Wednesday night. Hopefully some of these cancelled fixtures will get there rescheduled dates soon.

It may only be mid March, but the international break brings the month to a close this week. Ordinarily I’d post a mini table showing the monthly contenders. Trust me, there are about 30 teams in it, so I won’t bother. Aquamar and Shoelace are in contention. They could be on for double success this week.


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