Gameweek 28 preview

March 10, 2017

Bournemouth 15:00 West Ham
Everton 15:00 West Brom
Hull 15:00 Swansea
Liverpool 16:00 Burnley

Before the sudden addition of last week’s extra fixture, most managers seemed to be carefully tailoring their teams towards this vastly reduced gameweek. Slowly bringing in Everton players with a smattering of Swansea as their form improved, and then eventually, thanks to Lincoln City knocking Burnley out of the cup, introducing Liverpool into the mix.

Well done if you get an eleven on the pitch. In truth there’s not a lot to choose from. We are dealing with five bottom half teams, three of whom should consider themselves in relegation danger. Of the others, West Brom follow this with an awful run of fixtures. Liverpool’s form has been shaky and Everton are somewhere in the middle.

The biggest dilemma you face is what kind of state your squad might be left in for next week’s fixtures. The last thing you want is three Bournemouth players stinking up your defence. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone thinks it’s worth playing the wildcard for this week. Surely there’s no value in that?

The four remaining cup teams have a varying number of active players in their current squads. I wonder if any of them go for the wildcard option to guarantee progress to the final. Three of them have only the cup to play for. Aquamar may need to be wary of that.

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