Gameweek 27 preview

March 3, 2017

Man Utd v Bournemouth
Leicester v Hull
Stoke v Middlesbrough
Swansea v Burnley
Watford v Southampton
West Brom v Crystal Palace
Liverpool v Arsenal
Spurs v Everton
Sunderland v Man City
West Ham v Chelsea
Man City v Stoke

Brilliantly throwing all best laid plans for gameweek 28 into complete disarray – it’s our first double gameweek – featuring two games each for Manchester City and Stoke. Time for a rethink.

Does next week really matter? Realistically how many points are you going to score with only eight teams playing. If you’ve doubled or even trebled up on West Brom defenders and Everton attackers, one is probably going to cancel the other out.

This week has huge potential. City haven’t gone away. They’re away to Sunderland and at home to Stoke. That’s Sunderland, who are….Sunderland. And Stoke, who are, judging by last week’s performance against Spurs, already on the beach. Might this even result in two clean sheets. They might have the creakiest ever defence of any title challengers in the history of the Premier League, but they have managed to keep two clean sheets in their last three league outings.

I get the impression that those of us stung by Aguero’s indiscipline and inconsistency earlier in the season have completely washed their hands of him, no matter what. Well, might that attitude have to change? We don’t have to worry about Gabriel Jesus anymore. Aguero is it. And he has four goals in his last two games. City have ten goals in their last two games. They play Sunderland. As well as Aguero, both Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane look to have cemented their positions either side of the attack with both coming in at under £8 million. Even Yaya Toure could be worth a punt. On penalties and a starter in all of the last ten league games.

Is it even time to roll out the triple captain? There may not be a better double gameweek fixture combination than this.

And we shouldn’t rule out some Stoke players, particularly defensively, considering they’ve got Middlesbrough in their first game. Triple captaining Phil Bardsley might be a step too far though.

It’s cup quarter final weekend. Check the page. There are some low lying teams left in. It could be your only chance of a prize. I like an underdog win.


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