Gameweek 24 preview

February 3, 2017

Chelsea v Arsenal
Crystal Palace v Sunderland
Everton v Bournemouth
Hull v Liverpool
Southampton v West Ham
Watford v Burnley
West Brom v Stoke
Spurs v Middlesbrough
Man City v Swansea
Leicester v Man Utd

Its cup time. The preliminary round and first round proper of the Buckets Cup is drawn and on the Buckets Cup page. Check out who you’ve got and work out how to beat them. There’s a £50 prize for the winners, and this year, for the first time, a runners up prize of £20. If you’ve had your lot with the league, put you’re efforts into the cup. To remind you, you can make as many transfers as you want – if you want to approach it like that. It’ll ruin your league season, but your weekly points score is what counts in the cup competition.

We’ll be hoping for better returns than the midweek debacle. It can’t get any worse. The bankers didn’t come in. Spurs and Manchester United follow up games they definitely should have won with games they definitely should win. Chelsea defender-lovers might have to have another week off, coming up against Alexis Sanchez, who has racked up attacking points in nine out of the last ten gameweeks.

In the same period Sergio Aguero has contributed one goal. It’d be a brave move to assume that Pep is finished with him and Gabriel Jesus is their new main man, as impressive as his debut display was against West Ham. Retaining Aguero or bringing in Jesus might be doubly foolish given City’s blank week in a gameweek 26…

…and likely blank week in gameweek 28 given the favourable draw all the Prem teams have received for the 5th round of the cup. It’s very possible that gameweek 28 could consist of just three fixtures. Bournemouth v West Ham, Everton v West Brom and Hull v Swansea will definitely take place. The rest may not. The 5th round takes place after gameweek 25, giving you gameweeks 26 and 27 to adjust your teams as best you can.


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