Gameweek 21 preview

January 13, 2017

Spurs v West Brom
Burnley v Southampton
Hull v Bournemouth
Sunderland v Stoke
Swansea v Arsenal
Watford v Middlesbrough
West Ham v Crystal Palace
Leicester v Chelsea
Everton v Man City
Man Utd v Liverpool

Last weekend’s break for the FA Cup reminded me that we’re only a few weeks away from the start of our own cup competition. The Buckets Cup returns in gameweek 24 – that’s the weekend beginning the 4th February. I’ll explain how the draw is going to be made. All the details are on the Buckets Cup link as well.

The deal is that we need 42 teams to play in the preliminary round to create a round of 32 for the first round proper. That means 11 of you get a bye. FC Caligula are in the hat already as last year’s winners. The other ten will be made up of the 10 highest scoring gameweek winners up to and including gameweek 23.

At the moment those lucky 10 teams are The Craggy Islanders, Yeboah’s Right Foot, Joey Bosa, DJ’s Trail Blazers, To Elland Back, Rico United, Racing Club Skegness, Jarvis FC, Upper Bullens and Pudding and Pie. Pudding and Pie are most at risk with the lowest score of the ten. If someone beats their 77 points between now and gameweek 23, they’re in the prelim with all the other dropkicks.

If your cup run takes you as far as gameweek 26, you’ll have the League Cup final to contend with. The semi final first legs were played this week. Manchester United will take a 2-0 lead to Hull for their second leg, while Southampton edged Liverpool 1-0 in their home tie. It’ll probably be difficult for Hull to claw back the two goal deficit, but the other game is still very much in the balance. Anyway, gameweek 26 will be an eight fixture affair whatever happens. A Liverpool/United final would see Manchester City and Leicester also get the week off. If Southampton make it, Arsenal miss a week. Definitely worth keeping those possibilities in mind, especially if the temptation to play your new wildcard gets too much before then. You don’t want to be up League Cup shit creek without any transfer paddles.

As for previewing this week – Watford v Boro will probably be 0-0.


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