Gameweek 19 preview

December 30, 2016

Hull v Everton
Burnley v Sunderland
Chelsea v Stoke
Leicester v West Ham
Man Utd v Middlesbrough
Southampton v West Brom
Swansea v Bournemouth
Liverpool v Man City
Watford v Spurs
Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Nobody knows what day it is but this is essentially a normal weekend of matches, although it does start with one of those one off Friday evening affairs. The rest of the weekend sees seven matches on Saturday, followed by the first two matches of 2017 on Sunday afternoon. It’s also the half way stage and the final round of games to determine the December manager of the month. We also get access to our second wildcard after this round of games, so if you haven’t played your first one, now’s the time.

Chelsea look certainties to record their 13th straight victory, and don’t be surprised if it comes with another clean sheet. The shut out is so inevitable that there’s even a case for implementing a three defender combo. It pretty much guarantees you at least 18 points at the moment. And why not hand the armband to one of them? We shouldn’t forget Thibaut Courtois, who at £5.8 million comes in a good half a million cheaper than his defender colleagues. The drawback being he’s not having very many saves to make and so bonuses are at an absolute minimum.

Three Chelsea defenders releases cash you may have invested in Costa or Hazard to spend on other striking options. Zlatan looks good for more goals at home against Middlesbrough and a certain Argentinian comes back into contention across town. Aguero’s price has dropped to £12.8 million. In his absence, City have managed to record three straight victories and have even managed two clean sheets in that run. He’ll undoubtedly regain his place, but it’ll still be a squeeze to fit him in, particularly if you’ve retained Diego Costa and invested in Zlatan in the mean time. Although, if you have that wildcard, then why not give it a go?


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