October 27, 2016

Just a quick note clarifying the scoring.

Last week, When Harry Met Alli were announced as the weekly winners with 60 points, when in actual fact they only gained 52 points on their previous week’s score, having made 8 points worth of extra transfers. I award the manager of the week to the manager that posts the highest weekly score regardless of how many transfers they make. It’s whatever number appears on the league table at the end of the gameweek.

This means that you could, if you wanted, change your team drastically every week in order to try an win manager of the week every week – although you wouldn’t win much money, because your total at the end of each month, and then at the end of the season, does take into consideration all the points you lose for making extra transfers.

It could benefit you during the Buckets Cup run however. Buckets Cup results are based purely on the weekly score you achieve with the starting XI you put out on the pitch. I suppose that’s worth considering if you’re out of the league by the time the cup comes round. It’s up to you how you approach that.

Hope that’s clear.


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