Gameweek 9 preview

October 20, 2016

Bournemouth v Spurs
Arsenal v Middlesbrough
Burnley v Everton
Hull v Stoke
Leicester v Crystal Palace
Swansea v Watford
West Ham v Sunderland
Liverpool v West Brom
Man City v Southampton
Chelsea v Man Utd

Two contrasting European results for the league’s top two teams could have a major influence on any potential squad changes for this week’s fixtures. Sergio Aguero was introduced 79 minutes in to Manchester City’s 4-0 defeat in Barcelona with Guardiola opting for a false number 9. Obviously it’s a move that didn’t pay off – and for the second consecutive match. Aguero started on the bench last week against Everton and ended up with a minus score. There may be an issue with an injury picked up on international duty, but it doesn’t feel cut and dried that he’ll be in the starting XI for the Sunday kick off against Southampton. If you’re outlaying £13 million on a player, you need them to start. Fantasy managers were quick to turn their attentions away from Eden Hazard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic when their form came into question. Could the unthinkable happen with a mass ditching of Aguero?

Over at Arsenal the big guns are starting no matter what. And scoring. What appeared to be a slow start is unquestionably up and running. The 6-0 victory over Ludogorets is their seventh on the spin in all competitions with a goal difference of 21-3. They possess five of the top eleven form players in the game – and this week they welcome Middlesbrough. Boro are among the teams with the lowest shots per game ratio hinting that there’ll probably be a big fat 0 in the away goals column. They’re defensively pretty stubborn but the floodgates could open if one of Sanchez, Ozil or Walcott nets early.


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