Gameweek 7 preview

September 30, 2016

Everton v Crystal Palace
Swansea v Liverpool
Hull v Chelsea
Sunderland v West Brom
Watford v Bournemouth
West Ham v Middlesbrough
Man Utd v Stoke
Leicester v Southampton
Spurs v Man City
Burnley v Arsenal

Last week Rico United posted the highest weekly score of the season so far in the Buckets League with 87 points. It also helped them to the September manager of the month award. Their gameweek six score was achieved by loading the midfield full of high scoring elite big hitters and reducing the spending on the other three areas of the team. Overloading the attack is outdated – there simply aren’t enough quality attackers in the league to justify the outlay.

Look at the starting prices of the midfield compared to the attackers. Look at the current points standings. Midfielders rule. Pep Guardiola has been quoted as saying that ideally he’d play every game with 11 midfielders. Last weekend Liverpool fielded nine midfielders in one match – with seven of them starting. Eight Spurs midfielders collected points, and over at Arsenal, seven took to the field at some point during their victory over Chelsea. Who are the top four? City, Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool. Who are the league’s top scorers? City, Spurs Arsenal and Liverpool.

The best possible team you could have put out last week would have scored you 141 points. With five midfielders – three from Liverpool and one each from Spurs and Arsenal.

The problem is picking five from the multitude of options available. Particularly at Arsenal and Liverpool, who are both playing with false number 9’s. Alexis Sanchez playing through the middle for the Gunners has opened the door for Theo Walcott to become a regular again. Surprisingly, he’s only sitting on £7.6 million, having started on £7.5, which is Walcott’s lowest starting price since 2010. You feel it’s only a matter of time until Mesut Ozil gets going again now he’s posted his first double figure total of the season.

Roberto Firmino operates as the centre forward for Liverpool with Sadio Mane, Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana buzzing in and around him. James Milner might be the most tempting. He may be filling in at left back, but he’s on penalty duty and will only set you back £6.5 million.

And it’s Arsenal and Liverpool that have the most favourable run of fixtures as we hit October. In fact, other than their home tie against Manchester United next weekend, Liverpool’s next ten games through to mid December look too good to ignore.


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