Gameweek 35 preview

April 21, 2016

23 Apr 12:45 Man City v Stoke
23 Apr 15:00 Aston Villa v Southampton
23 Apr 15:00 Bournemouth v Chelsea
23 Apr 15:00 Liverpool v Newcastle
24 Apr 14:05 Sunderland v Arsenal
24 Apr 16:15 Leicester v Swansea
25 Apr 20:00 Spurs v West Brom


Last week was all about getting as many players into your team as possible to play twice. This week it’s about hoping you can field enough of a team to play once. Of course there was a way to plan for this week. There were enough good players playing twice last week who are also lining up this week. Manchester City, Liverpool, Newcastle, Arsenal and West Brom all reappear with plenty of players occupying positions on the form table.

Gameweek 37 is the elephant in the room. Liverpool, Sunderland and Chelsea play this week, next week and line up twice in that double week. The super prepared and/or those without wildcards could take a punt. There are some in form – particularly at Liverpool and Sunderland – although tricky, nervous fixtures for Sunderland might ward you away from their team, while rotation with the Europa League semi final in mind complicates picking Liverpool players. Chelsea are on the beach.

And yet, after toiling and taxing over who to bring in and who to take out last week, the easiest thing to do was to keep the faith in the Spurs players. Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen all contributed double figure scores last week. Toby Alderweireld and Erik Lamela scored double figures in the previous week. Together, those five players have accumulated 93 points in just two weeks. Watch out West Brom.



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