Gameweek 34 preview

April 15, 2016

16 Apr 12:45 Norwich v Sunderland
16 Apr 15:00 Everton v Southampton
16 Apr 15:00 Man Utd v Aston Villa
16 Apr 15:00 Newcastle v Swansea
16 Apr 15:00 West Brom v Watford
16 Apr 17:30 Chelsea v Man City
17 Apr 13:30 Bournemouth v Liverpool
17 Apr 13:30 Leicester v West Ham
17 Apr 16:00 Arsenal v Crystal Palace
18 Apr 20:00 Stoke v Spurs
19 Apr 19:45 Newcastle v Man City
20 Apr 19:45 West Ham v Watford
20 Apr 20:00 Liverpool v Everton
20 Apr 20:00 Man Utd v Crystal Palace
21 Apr 19:45 Arsenal v West Brom


Romeo’s Honda Van are the current holders of the highest weekly score prize on 126 points. They achieved this back in gameweek 8 – the week in which Man City hit Newcastle for six with Sergio Aguero getting four of them. Romeo’s bagged 75 points from triple captaining Aguero. Guess who City play this week? I predict a lot of triple captaining. City are one of the ten teams playing twice in this double gameweek bonanza, although their other game away to Chelsea is more difficult to call.

Perhaps the two teams best placed to bring home the points are Manchester United and Arsenal. Both play two home games against Villa and Palace, and Palace and West Brom respectively. There’s a promise of clean sheets and goals in both instances.

How many of you will wildcard this week? Bear in mind that pesky reduced week next week when doing so. United, Everton, Palace, West Ham and Watford all play twice this week, but not next.

Those without wildcards should have been working up to this, at least leaving the two free transfers option, and already plotting how best to tackle the next doubler in gameweek 37. The right tactics and player choices will go a long way to determining our final two managers of the month – and our top four. Your Ad Here and The Golden Boys might be delighted to know that of our top 15 teams, they’re the only two yet to wildcard

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