Gameweek 30 preview

March 10, 2016

12 Mar 12:45 Norwich v Man City
12 Mar 15:00 Bournemouth v Swansea
12 Mar 15:00 Stoke v Southampton
13 Mar 16:00 Aston Villa v Spurs
14 Mar 20:00 Leicester v Newcastle


Another quick one (I’m working away). Back to normal after the weekend. It’s a super reduced weekend due the sixth round of the FA Cup. Only five fixtures and eight teams – Newcastle and Villa don’t count. This might not be such a difficult week to negotiate with Leicester, Manchester City and Spurs all playing, as well as Bournemouth, Swansea and Stoke who all offer up some form players.

The second round of the Buckets Cup’s lead fixture is FC Caligula against The Golden Boys. Your Ad Here play three time weekly winner, SS3 FC, whilst low rankers, Rico United, Neil Madrid and Upper Bullens may all fancy their chances against mid table opposition.


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