Gameweek 29 preview

March 4, 2016

05 Mar 12:45 Spurs v Arsenal
05 Mar 15:00 Chelsea v Stoke
05 Mar 15:00 Everton v West Ham
05 Mar 15:00 Man City v Aston Villa
05 Mar 15:00 Newcastle v Bournemouth
05 Mar 15:00 Southampton v Sunderland
05 Mar 15:00 Swansea v Norwich
05 Mar 17:30 Watford v Leicester
06 Mar 13:30 Crystal Palace v Liverpool
06 Mar 16:00 West Brom v Man Utd


The second round of the Buckets Cup has thrown up a few interesting ties. Second placed Your Ad Here will play fourth placed Atletico Chappers, and current leaders, FC Caligula, take on cup holders Sergio Five 0. The lowest ranked team left in are Bish Bosh Goal. They face a tricky task against top four bothering Pretty Schitty City. The tie between Crazylegs and Rico United guarantees a bottom ten team in the quarter finals.

Those midweek scores were a bit of a nightmare. How have Manchester City and Arsenal become the two most unreliable teams in the league? I mean, you know what you’re going to get out of Villa, Newcastle and Norwich. You know not to go anywhere near. We don’t need to be agonising over dropping Aguero or Ozil. Particularly with both Arsenal and City due to play in next week’s reduced fixture schedule.

City should get back to winning ways immediately. Surely it can’t be four successive defeats at home to Aston Villa? It might even be a week to consider the triple captain. When City spanked Newcastle 6-1 back in the autumn, Sergio Aguero scored 75 points for Romeo’s Honda Van. We could have a repeat performance.

A spate of injuries has hit Arsenal at the worst possible time. It appears Petr Cech and Laurent Koscielny will both miss the next couple of games, the first of which is the North London derby. There’s no need to rush to any rash decisions on Spurs players just yet, despite their defeat at West Ham in midweek. For starters, it is only one defeat, not three in four like City or Arsenal. And they also line up in next weeks’ reduced schedule….against Villa.

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