Gameweek 21 preview

January 12, 2016

12 Jan 19:45 Aston Villa v Crystal Palace
12 Jan 19:45 Bournemouth v West Ham
12 Jan 19:45 Newcastle v Man Utd
13 Jan 19:45 Chelsea v West Brom
13 Jan 19:45 Man City v Everton
13 Jan 19:45 Southampton v Watford
13 Jan 19:45 Stoke v Norwich
13 Jan 19:45 Swansea v Sunderland
13 Jan 20:00 Liverpool v Arsenal
13 Jan 20:00 Spurs v Leicester


Has the time come to eject Jamie Vardy? For starters he’s rated as doubtful for Leicester’s game against Spurs. It appears he’s been playing with an injury for weeks but was deemed to important and too in form to be dropped. It seems that this game has come a little too soon for him to be reconsidered, and even if he makes the bench, Odion Ighalo is still cheaper, and in better form. Vardy’s price has dropped. He had reached a high of £7.7 million by mid December. He’s down to £7.3 million. A mass transfer exodus would effect the price even more. All of a sudden it’d be more worth your while to get rid rather than keep.

We’ve been blessed in the first half of the season with the cheapness of all the best players. With Vardy’s lay off, an uncertainty over Lukaku’s gameweek fitness and a dip in the form of Riyad Mahrez, could it be time to start looking elsewhere. Affording it may prove hard.

Sergio Aguero has scored two in his last three games since returning to the City side. He’s starting games and even played more than 80 minutes, which really is a rarity, against Watford. Providing the opposition defenders don’t resort to trying to kick him off the park again (they will) – it may be time to finally invest in the game’s most expensive player. Certainly this gameweek offers scoring prospects given Everton’s defensive record. That also brings into play most of the other City forwards, particularly Kevin De Bruyne and Yaya Toure, who are the most in form.

And Chelsea could be back on track? There have been clean sheets. Willian is still a safe bet and Diego Costa isn’t throwing his toys quite as much as he was for the first four months of the season. They’re still available at reduced prices, although still not really in keeping with their position in the league.

You’d need to do some serious tinkering if you’re convinced the solution to a climb up the Buckets table is to jettison Vardy for Aguero. You could utilise the new wildcard you’ve been given. Or just hope Aguero is kicked to bits and Vardy gets his shooting boots polished for his likely return next weekend.


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