Gameweek 20 preview

December 31, 2015

02 Jan 12:45 West Ham v Liverpool
02 Jan 15:00 Arsenal v Newcastle
02 Jan 15:00 Leicester v Bournemouth
02 Jan 15:00 Man Utd v Swansea
02 Jan 15:00 Norwich v Southampton
02 Jan 15:00 Sunderland v Aston Villa
02 Jan 15:00 West Brom v Stoke
02 Jan 17:30 Watford v Man City
03 Jan 13:30 Crystal Palace v Chelsea
03 Jan 16:00 Everton v Spurs


No internet blah blah blah….hopefully by gamweek 21 – which comes along in two weeks time, I will be back online. We’ve a break for the FA Cup 3rd round after this gameweek. Gameweek 20 starts the second half of the season, starts the quest for the January manager of the month, and probably more importantly, gives us another wildcard. Which will be a relief to the majority that can’t help themselves after gameweek 3.

Happy New Year.



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