Gameweek 4 review

August 28, 2015

29 Aug 12:45 Newcastle v Arsenal
29 Aug 15:00 Aston Villa v Sunderland
29 Aug 15:00 Bournemouth v Leicester
29 Aug 15:00 Chelsea v Crystal Palace
29 Aug 15:00 Liverpool v West Ham
29 Aug 15:00 Man City v Watford
29 Aug 15:00 Stoke v West Brom
29 Aug 17:30 Spurs v Everton
30 Aug 13:30 Southampton v Norwich
30 Aug 16:00 Swansea v Man Utd

We’ve almost reached the end of that four game stretch up to the first international break. It felt like a nice cut off point to get to and to reassess, but certain players just aren’t cutting it, and it’s evident that some managers have already started to lose patience. In the immediate aftermath of last weekend’s matches, judging by some sudden price increases and decreases, it looks like there has already been a heavy bout of wildcarding.

And it’s the defending Champions and last season’s highest FPL scorers and best defence that are bearing the brunt of manager’s frustrations. No Chelsea player has gained in value, and of their regular starters, only Gary Cahill, Cesar Azpilicueta and Diego Costa have retained their starting price. Eden Hazard has never been so unpopular – dropping in value by £0.1 million (although he’s still owned by over 40% of managers). Next on the shitlist are the misfiring Manchester United attack.

But, just when you didn’t want Wayne Rooney to bang in a hat trick – he goes and bangs in a hat trick – against Bruges in the Champions League midweek qualifier. Could that be the start of a run of goals? What might United’s weekend fixture against Swansea bring? It’s arguably the toughest of their opening four. Are they only capable of multiple scoring in European matches? Well, Swansea is in Wales, so…

Contrast that with the ever increasing values of their sky blue rivals. Peculiarly, Sergio Aguero, who is hardly up and running himself, has seen his price rise by £0.2 million in the last week, probably in anticipation of a hatful against Watford at the Etihad this weekend. It’s likely to have been Hazard and/or Rooney making way to accommodate him. Of City’s regular starters, only Mangala and Navas have failed to add anything to their price.

Gameweek four brings August to it’s conclusion and we’ll find out our first manager of the month. It’s early days, so there are still a load of teams in with a chance. GrievousAngelRangel, 3rd after gameweek two, fell to 13th after gameweek three. So, if you can fall 10 places in a week, you can easily climb that same distance too. Most of our top 10 seem to be scoring at the same rate, so it may take a crafty captain choice, an early chip gamble or a transfer punt to give you that edge over your rivals. Or all three.


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