Gameweek 33 preview

April 16, 2015

18 Apr 15:00 Crystal Palace v West Brom
18 Apr 15:00 Everton v Burnley
18 Apr 15:00 Leicester v Swansea
18 Apr 15:00 Stoke v Southampton
18 Apr 17:30 Chelsea v Man Utd
19 Apr 13:30 Man City v West Ham
19 Apr 16:00 Newcastle v Spurs


It’s blank gameweek time. This could be a potentially difficult week to navigate, especially if you’re overloaded with Arsenal or Liverpool players, have QPR and Villa players left over from their double gameweek, or have some Hull and Sunderland players warming your bench.

Some forward planning should have left you with two free transfers and as few players as possible from these six teams to swap. Bear in mind also that Hull and Liverpool reappear next week in a double gameweek, and Sunderland and Arsenal reappear in gameweek 37 for their double gameweek. QPR and Villa played their double gameweek a fortnight ago, so there’s probably less urgency to hold onto any of that lot.

It’s also worth remembering that Chelsea and Leicester also play their long awaited double gameweek next week AND play this week. The right combination of transfers in and out may involve getting rid of QPR and Villa first, Arsenal and Sunderland second, keeping hold, if possible, of any Hull and Liverpool, and bringing in, if possible, some Chelsea and Leicester. Ideallly, comtemplate your wildcard if you still have it.

Or ignore all that and hope for the best. Form team Palace take on West Brom, whose early clean sheet form under Tony Pulis has hit the buffers. Palace’s attacking players look capable of scoring every week. So while everyone else is scratching their heads over the best options from Chelsea and Leicester, you could easily gain a points swing by employing the likes of Bolasie, Zaha and Murray.

And surely Man City’s malaise can’t carry on much longer. They’ve possibly the easiest run in of the top four and wins are needed now to ensure a Champions League spot. It seems unthinkable that they should have to contend with Europa League football next season. All the headlines last week were made by United as they convincingly beat their neighbours, but from a fantasy point of view, Sergio Aguero’s two goals was a welcome return to form for those managers who still have the game’s most expensive player clogging up their attack.


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