Gameweek 23 preview

January 29, 2015

31 Jan 12:45 Hull v Newcastle
31 Jan 15:00 Crystal Palace v Everton
31 Jan 15:00 Liverpool v West Ham
31 Jan 15:00 Man Utd v Leicester
31 Jan 15:00 Stoke v QPR
31 Jan 15:00 Sunderland v Burnley
31 Jan 15:00 West Brom v Spurs
31 Jan 17:30 Chelsea v Man City
01 Feb 13:30 Arsenal v Aston Villa
01 Feb 16:00 Southampton v Swansea


We’ve had two weeks off. It seems like a lot longer. Probably because so much has happened. Its been wall to wall cup fixtures. The League Cup final will be contested between Spurs and Chelsea and will take place on the 1st March. That’s gameweek 27. Fixtures are yet to be rescheduled. Cheslea are due to play Leicester while Spurs should meet QPR. If you’re frontline is Costa, Austin and Kane – you might want to keep this weekend in mind for a wildcard or a double free transfer.

Never has a weekend of FA Cup results thrown up so many questions. I’m still laughing at Chelsea. Undone by Bradford and the game of John Stead’s life. Probably not the result they needed as they prepare to face City this weekend. Although they did redeem themselves a little with the League Cup semi final win in midweek. I say a little, because Fabregas is an injury doubt and all Costa owners are sweating on what looks like a sure fire ban for stamping. Good news for City? Maybe not, who themselves are licking their wounds from their own cup humiliation. There’s no sign of Toure retrning from Africa just yet – and maybe more worryingly no threat of Sergio Aguero getting back on the goals trail. If you’re teams clogged up with dark and light blues I guess you’ve got to let them all play and hope its a goalfest. If Bradford and Boro can score 6 between them…

Our January manager of the month will be determined following this weekend’s results. Pretty Schitty City lead the way, but like so many other Bucketeers, will need to keep an eye on the Costa situation or risk leaving themselves without enough fire power to get them over the line. It’s not, however, the last weekend for January wildcards. You can still use them next week as the window shuts on Febraury 2nd.


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