Season 2014-2015 Introduction

August 12, 2014

Welcome back. As I write, we have 24 managers on board, and maybe another three or four to come. So we’re looking at a similar prize fund to that of the previous three seasons, and therefore a similar breakdown. So the winner can expect to pocket somewhere around £200. All details will appear on the “Prize Money” page. There’ll be the usual monthly awards and an award for the highest weekly score – so look out for those infamous double gameweeks.

As usual this blog will be updated before and after each gameweek. The “Roll Of Honour” page will list all weekly and monthly winners. The Buckets Cup will run through March and April. The draw will be made in the run up to the first round of fixtures and all results will appear on the “Buckets Cup” page.

Don’t forget there’s help (of a sort) at the bottom of this page. There are useful links to pages telling you which players are banned and injured and who you can count on for set pieces and penalties. And then if you’re serious about winning there are always my weekly musings which may or may not give you an idea about how the fixtures might play out, and which players could be key.

Good luck in the race for second.


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