Gameweek 38 preview

May 9, 2014

11 May 15:00 Cardiff City v Chelsea
11 May 15:00 Fulham v Crystal Palace
11 May 15:00 Hull City v Everton
11 May 15:00 Liverpool v Newcastle
11 May 15:00 Man City v West Ham
11 May 15:00 Norwich v Arsenal
11 May 15:00 Southampton v Man Utd
11 May 15:00 Sunderland v Swansea
11 May 15:00 Tottenham v Aston Villa
11 May 15:00 West Brom v Stoke City


It’s the last week. Often the most unpredictable week of the season as far as team selections are concerned, but you can hopefully rely on the four teams that have something to fight for putting out their strongest eleven. Expect strong line-ups from City and Liverpool as they battle for first and United and Tottenham as they fight it out for fifth.

It will be probably be less obvious who lines up for Hull and Arsenal with both teams safe in their respective positions and the FA Cup final on the horizon. Will the home teams want to put on one last show for their fans? Will the relegated teams have a point to prove? Will everyone just throw caution to the wind and play a 1-1-8 formation.? Remember West Brom and United’s 5-5 draw at the end of last season?

The Premier League mirrors the Buckets league in that we know our top three and probably the order they’re going to finish in. There’s an outside chance something unexpected might happen that might switch those positions around, but it looks unlikely. And just below that we’ve two teams battling for our final European place. If Tottenham (The Magico) slip up, it’ll probably let Manchester United (Shakin’ Stephens) in.

We’ve loads of contenders for Manager of the Month. If you’ve still got your wildcard – play it. You never know what might happen. Three x City + three x Liverpool + whatever form you can scrape off the bottom of the barrel = possible £10. If only it were that simple.



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