Gameweek 33 preview

April 3, 2014

5 Apr 12:45 Man City v Southampton
5 Apr 15:00 Aston Villa v Fulham
5 Apr 15:00 Cardiff v C Palace
5 Apr 15:00 Hull City v Swansea
5 Apr 15:00 Newcastle v Man Utd
5 Apr 15:00 Norwich v West Brom
5 Apr 17:30 Chelsea v Stoke
6 Apr 13:30 Everton v Arsenal
6 Apr 16:00 West Ham v Liverpool
7 Apr 20:00 Tottenham v Sunderland


We start the month of April with one team (Romeo’s) almost certainly guaranteed a top four prize, and looking nailed on for the title. There’s a chasing pack of four teams in particular that have the slimmest chance of catching them, but it’s going to take an inspired non-Suarez like captain choice, and some nifty double gameweeking. There are two more doubles to consider – one next week – and one in gameweek 37. As we saw in gameweek 31, the right combination of double gameweekers  and a following wind can accumulate masses of points. For example, Shaky and Panza both scored 40 or so points more than Sporting, so that necessary points swing is achievable. I’d be very surprised if Romeo’s suffered a Keeganesque meltdown however. All they need to do is more or less match the scores of the pack and they’re home and hosed.

The highest finishing score for the Buckets League is 2320 points achieved in 2009-2010 season. I’m not sure why that year was such a bumper year, but we could be on course for beating it this year. And I’d guess that was mainly due to the Liverpool and Manchester City goal machines. Romeo’s have six gameweeks to post another 338 points. At Romeo’s current rate of scoring of an average of 61 points per gameweek, they should surpass that.


This week’s big game is the Everton v Arsenal match, which now seems like a genuine battle for fourth place. Arsenal will have had some pride and belief restored with their good performance against City last weekend, but will need to be at their best to stop an Everton team who have won five league games on the spin. There’s no predicting where any fantasy points will come from mind you, but Everton’s double gameweek next week may tempt you into a few Toffee transfers. Elsewhere it’s difficult to call any game. Palace, who also play twice next week, could be worth a sly investment, being that they face Cardiff this weekend. You should be drowning in City and Liverpool players anyway given their double involvement in gameweek 31. Quite simply, both teams have to continue to win all of their games to maintain their title challenges, but at home to Southampton (City) and away to West Ham (Liverpool) won’t be easy, although I’d almost certainly expect goals from the usual suspects.


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