Gameweek 28 preview

February 27, 2014

01 Mar 15:00 Everton v West Ham
01 Mar 15:00 Fulham v Chelsea
01 Mar 15:00 Hull City v Newcastle
01 Mar 15:00 Stoke City v Arsenal
01 Mar 17:30 Southampton v Liverpool
02 Mar 16:30 Aston Villa v Norwich
02 Mar 16:30 Swansea v Crystal Palace
02 Mar 16:30 Tottenham v Cardiff City

I might have mentioned it before, but you really need to look at next weeks fixtures before preparing for this week. Gameweek 29 sees only ten teams in action. Hull’s victory over Brighton in their cup replay on Monday means that their gameweek 29 fixture with West Ham has been cancelled. It leaves only eight teams playing both this and next weekend.

Yet, for every blank week there’s a double gameweek looming somewhere on the horizon. Jump forward to gameweek 31, and you’ll notice three extra fixtures. Bear in mind that with two fixtures cancelled this week, and five next, there are are still four more as yet unscheduled fixtures to squeeze into the calendar. It should make the run in interesting. It should certainly make the battle for the March manager of the month and the Buckets Cup interesting. Some team’s seasons could be revived, whereas others will almost certainly be finished once and for all.

I suspect this week won’t be so hard to deal with. City, United, Sunderland and West Brom aren’t playing. West Brom aren’t offering too much in the way of form players. Their highest scorer is Liam Ridgewell – a defender whose value has actually decreased since the start of the season, so it seems even their best players aren’t that popular. Sunderland have been attracting a lot of cheap interest of late, although their heavy defeat at Arsenal last weekend won’t leave too many managers wondering whether it’s worth keeping hold of any their players. A good run which saw them climb to mid table fizzled out, and they now sit in the bottom three again.  United must be enduring their least popular season of fantasy league ever. Their big names just aren’t worth the expenditure, and their cheap players are shit. Even City, with only one goal in their last three league games, are suffering a dip in fantasy form. Although, given the choice, it’ll be the City players you’ll probably want to try and hang on to over the other three teams.

So, there you go. I’ve told you who you can’t play. Now it’s down to you to figure out who you can.


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