Gameweek 11 results

November 11, 2013

1 Sportingoffensivewig Alex Ritchie 40 664
2 Crazylegs Xi David Caldicott 54 625
3 Panza Grande XI Stuart Baker 69 618
3 Shakin’ Stephens P Hawkins 69 618
5 {Your Ad Here} Matthew Hopkins 54 610
6 The Magico Rob Buttaci 58 604
7 Ciderheads Darren Pope 81 602
8 Neil Madrid Neil Strong 50 601
9 Romeo’s-honda-van Rob Hewer 71 600
10 Rip Roaring Reds Sean Whyton 56 599
11 NaboombuDirtyYellows Andrew Swift 80 595
12 Kedah FA David Spinks 59 593
13 Uriah Rennie 2nd XI Neil Greenwood 36 578
14 Bermie Utd Glen Davies 41 576
15 Mid-Season Blip Paul Bentz 55 575
16 Upper Bullens Scouse Mouse 27 559
17 Hedgehog Corpse FC Nick Smith 53 557
18 Have a little dink Ian Williams 31 553
19 pretty Schitty City Alex Michaluk 42 552
20 Rien Toulouse Colin Goulding 56 546
21 Real Jorvik Simon Brown 38 534
22 Release the Hounds Paul Mitchell 31 531
23 Shoelace Untied Caroline Strong 35 517
24 The Mindless Morons John Seacroft 36 513
25 Inter Minan Jordan Raper 66 503
26 Biscuitmen Chris Morton 25 462
The Ciderheads get the highest score of the week with 81 points. They rightly opted for Luis Suarez as captain, as many other managers did, but their inclusion of Tim Krul, who bagged a record score for a keeper, made the difference. NaboombuDirtyYellows were close behind with 80 points. They’ve been steadily moving up the league in the last few weeks, and both them and Ciderheads are well within touching distance of the top teams.
There were a wide range of scores this week. Those coming in round the 60, 70 and 80 mark probably picked the right combination of Liverpool, Southampton and United players, with Suarez as captain. The managers in the middle, with scores in the high 40’s and 50’s probably had Suarez as captain, but a team too full of City and Arsenal players. All the rest are probably cursing Sergio Aguero for not daring to find the net against Sunderland. Many managers, it seems, were drawn in by the 7-0 thrashing of Norwich last weekend. Yet – that’s City’s fourth away defeat – and their fourth consecutive away defeat at the Stadium of Light. And, it was Arsenal’s lowest scoring gameweek of the season. Ony Arteta managed any extra points, picking up two bonus marks. There used to be no shame in getting beat by United at Old Trafford, but there was a feeling that Arsenal would be able to get something out of this game. The partnership of Van Persie and Rooney have overtaken Suarez and Sturridge as the form partnership of the league, and despite their slow start, and losing three of their first six games, it’s now five without loss for United, and they’re back in the title hunt (like they were ever really out of it?!).
Player of the week – Luis Suarez – 16 points. The first to win two player of the week awards this season. Probably won’t be his last.
Bargain of the week – Phil Bardsley – 15 points. The most unlikely 15 points of the season.
Donkey of the week – Fernando Amorebieta – -2 points. At fault for two of Liverpool’s four goals against Fulham.
Goal of the week – Adam Lallana. Brazil bound.

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