Gameweek 11 preview

November 7, 2013

09 Nov 15:00 Aston Villa v Cardiff City

09 Nov 15:00 Chelsea v West Brom

09 Nov 15:00 Crystal Palace v Everton

09 Nov 15:00 Liverpool v Fulham

09 Nov 15:00 Southampton v Hull City

09 Nov 17:30 Norwich v West Ham

10 Nov 12:00 Tottenham v Newcastle

10 Nov 14:05 Sunderland v Man City

10 Nov 16:10 Man Utd v Arsenal

10 Nov 16:10 Swansea v Stoke City

How on earth do you fit Sergio Aguero into your team? In the last four weeks he has scored five, assisted five and scored eight bonus points. His value has rocketed from 11.1 million to 11.8 and it only looks like it’s going to get higher by the weekend, making it more and more impossible by the day to squeeze the league’s hottest striker into your team. And anyway, who do you replace? The majority of teams have three of Giroud, Suarez, Sturridge, Van Persie, Rooney or Lukaku. Only Van Persie will cost you more money, but now RVP is crawling into some kind of form, dare you risk kicking him out in favour of the City striker? To swap him for any of the others means having to make another transfer elsewhere. The only thing that could come to the aid of those without Aguero is the faint hope that Pellegrini might fancy a bit of rotation this weekend. It’s the only way Sportingoffensivewig are going to be pegged back at the moment. Such is Aguero’s form – if he plays – he invariably scores. City play Sunderland this weekend, which can mean only one thing.

Liverpool should be back in among the points this weekend with a home tie against Fulham, so a Sturridge and Suarez partnership could come up trumps. Arsenal and United play each other. Much like last weekend, when the Gunners faced Liverpool, there’s a chance that both could cancel each other out. Although we know that didn’t happen last weekend, with Arsenal winning – and winning well. Any positive result for Arsenal this weekend will surely mean that they should be taken seriously as title contenders. Note – as I type, Aaron Ramsey has scored AGAIN. And against Borussia Dortmund. In Dortmund. They’ve beaten them. One of the best teams in Europe. But you’re probably right – they’ve no chance of winning the league. Yawn!

Bank on Everton for your clean sheet. Yes – they’ve got Palace. And providing Steve Harper doesn’t have a pot shot at Artur Boruc in the first minute of Hull’s game at Southampton, the Saints should be good value for their obligatory shut-out again.


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