Gameweek 10 results

November 5, 2013

Sportingoffensivewig  Alex Ritchie  81  624

Crazylegs Xi  David Caldicott  50  571

{Your Ad Here}   Matthew Hopkins  50  556

The Magico   Rob Buttaci  58  554

Panza Grande XI  Stuart Baker  55  553

Neil Madrid Neil Strong  66  551

Shakin’ Stephens P Hawkins  39  549

Rip Roaring Reds  Sean Whyton  56  543

Uriah Rennie 2nd XI  Neil Greenwood  71  542

10 Bermie Utd  Glen Davies  62  535

11 Kedah FA  David Spinks  78  534

12 Upper Bullens  Scouse Mouse  65  532

13 Romeo’s-honda-van  Rob Hewer  49  529

14 Have a little dink  Ian Williams  95  522

15 Ciderheads  Darren Pope  54  521

16 Mid-Season Blip  Paul Bentz  53  520

17 NaboombuDirtyYellows  Andrew Swift  55  515

18 pretty Schitty City Alex Michaluk  62  510

19 Hedgehog Corpse FC  Nick Smith  38  504

20 Release the Hounds  Paul Mitchell  61  500

21 Real Jorvik  Simon Brown  42  496

22 Rien Toulouse  Colin Goulding  62  494

23 Shoelace Untied  Caroline Strong  70  482

24 The Mindless Morons  John Seacroft  41  477

25 Inter Minan  Jordan Raper  35  437

26 Biscuitmen  Chris Morton  50  437


Have A Little Dink score a massive 95 points and are the team of the week. This is only 2 points short of the current best weekly score of 97 held by Neil Madrid. It’s a valiant effort given that Neil Madrid’s score came during a double gameweek. This 95 point haul came with each team just playing once. Of course, it helps when one team hits seven goals, you make the player of the week your captain and your goalkeeper scores. That player of the week is Sergio Aguero. I predict a lot of frantic forward line changing in the coming weeks to accommodate Aguero who has scored 62 points in the last six weeks. They were also helped by the usual contributon from Yaya Toure and Aaron Ramsey (like everybody else – no advantage there), but also by Steven Caulker. The Cardiff defender scored, picked up all three bonus points and kept a clean sheet in the first Premiership South Wales derby. That’s Caulker’s second consecutive three point bonus, and Cardiff’s second consecutive clean sheet. It’s Caulker’s second goal of the season. He could be one to watch in coming weeks. Have a Little Dink have made some good ground with this score, moving to within 30 points of the top six.

Sportingoffensivewig strengthen their position at the top of the table, now stretching their lead to 53 points. They posted another impressive weekly total of 81 points. City’s 7-0 hammering of Norwich offered a lot of points to those teams with three City players. The highest scoring of which were Aguero, Nasatasic, Toure and Silva. Sporting had Aguero as captain (as they have done since the start) – alongside Silva and Toure.

Stoke worked out how to score past Southampton this week. A 98 yard punt in the first 15 seconds by the goalkeeper. And with it, Asmir Begovic becomes Stoke’s joint leading scorer. Briefly back to Norwich’s 7-0 hammering at the hands of Manchester City. Ordinarily letting in seven automatically puts you in pole position for the donkey award. Not this week. The Norwich defence can thank Lee Cattermole and Andrea Dossena of Sunderland, who were both sent off against Hull. Cattermole’s red card might have been a little harsh. Nine times out of ten referees see Lee Cattermole flying across the floor and have the red of their pocket before he’s made contact. Dossena, on the other hand….?! So much for that morale boosting victory over Newcastle last weekend. Dossena and Cattermole’s tackles were on ex Sunderland players. Hull are managed by an ex Sunderland manager. Hull’s goal was an own goal. Sunderland effectively played Sunderland – and got beat. Well done Sunderland.


Player of the week – Sergio Aguero – 18 points. His value is rising by the second. Looks a good bet to be the season’s highest scorer.

Bargain of the week – Jay Rodriguez – 9 points. Still only one defeat for Southampton.

Donkey of the week – Andrea Dossena – -2 points. Shouldn’t be allowed back on the pitch this season.

Goal of the week – Aaron Ramsey. Drug test him NOW!


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