Gameweek 38 preview

May 17, 2013

19 May 16:00 Chelsea Chelsea v Everton Everton
19 May 16:00 Liverpool Liverpool v QPR QPR
19 May 16:00 Man City Man City v Norwich Norwich
19 May 16:00 Newcastle Newcastle v Arsenal Arsenal
19 May 16:00 Southampton Southampton v Stoke City Stoke City
19 May 16:00 Swansea Swansea v Fulham Fulham
19 May 16:00 Tottenham Tottenham v Sunderland Sunderland
19 May 16:00 West Brom West Brom v Man Utd Man Utd
19 May 16:00 West Ham West Ham v Reading Reading
19 May 16:00 Wigan Wigan v Aston Villa Aston Villa

Last week of the season and I forgot to do this. Then I remembered that all games are on Sunday anyway, so I’ve more time than usual to get it written. Then I remembered it’s unlikely that any any of you are going to be at work tomorrow, so none of you are going to get the e-mail reminder I send you. Then I remembered – none of you read it anyway – so what’s the point.

You’ve all been very, very lucky this season. I got off to a shocking start and have suffered massively at the hands of dubious selections, injuries and postponements. Next season I’m going to kill you all.

If there’s a 3rd place play off – I have no idea as to whether that will be included as an extra match in gameweek 38. It’s worth considering. Prem managers will tell you they’re all going to be playing to win, but they have to say that. You can guarantee committed performances from Arsenal and Spurs. That’s where the points are this week. And they’re playing 2 of the worst teams in the league.

Anyway. Good luck. I’ve got some tacos to make.



One Response to “Gameweek 38 preview”

  1. me said

    we all read it for your witty comments

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