Gameweek 37 preview

May 10, 2013

11 May 12:45 Aston Villa Aston Villa v Chelsea Chelsea
12 May 13:30 Stoke City Stoke City v Tottenham Tottenham
12 May 15:00 Everton Everton v West Ham West Ham
12 May 15:00 Fulham Fulham v Liverpool Liverpool
12 May 15:00 Norwich Norwich v West Brom West Brom
12 May 15:00 QPR QPR v Newcastle Newcastle
12 May 15:00 Sunderland Sunderland v Southampton Southampton
12 May 16:00 Man Utd Man Utd v Swansea Swansea
14 May 19:45 Arsenal Arsenal v Wigan Wigan
14 May 20:00 Reading Reading v Man City Man City


Just 2 gameweeks left. We saw a couple of instances last week of some unexpected team selections. I’m not sure that will continue too much this week. Maybe only City will opt for an “under strength” line up. It’s the cup final on Saturday. Expect to see the A-team in action there. Tuesday’s trip to Reading might see the return of the B-team that beat West Brom last week.

I’d guess the most likely places for points this week will come at Old Trafford and Goodison Park. The last home games for their respective managers, and I’d expect both teams to go all out for victory to mark the occasion.  Everton are the form team in terms of clean sheet keeping, so their defenders would definitely be worth a punt. And if I have to tell you who to pick in a United shirt, you shouldn’t be playing the game.

There are so many teams still with something to play for. This weekend might see the end of Wigan. They don’t play till Wednesday, and that’s against Arsenal, who still need to keep winning themselves  If Newcastle, Sunderland and Norwich all win they’d be 6 points ahead of Wigan. This would bring Southampton into the frame. They’re 4 ahead. Villa are 5 ahead. Wigan need to beat Arsenal to have a realistic chance of keeping up with these teams. And yet – you wouldn’t put it past them. Surely not – there’s too much at stake for Arsenal. I’m sure some Arsenal fans could take not qualifying for the Champions League, as long as it wasn’t Spurs who had replaced them in the top 4.

It’ll be interesting to see what team Rafa Benitez picks for Chelsea’s game at Villa. They’ve got the Europa League final on Wednesday night. Benitez has managed the Chelsea squad well. They could have sealed Champions League qualification this week, but conceded a late-ish goal in their game against Spurs. Had they done won, I’m sure he’d be playing the reserves this weekend. As it is, they still need a point, which means we haven’t seen the end of Mata, Hazard, Luiz and Oscar just yet. All are in form, and if you dare read Rafa’s mind, worth a punt.


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