Gameweek 36 preview

May 3, 2013

04 May 15:00 Fulham Fulham v Reading Reading
04 May 15:00 Norwich Norwich v Aston Villa Aston Villa
04 May 15:00 Swansea Swansea v Man City Man City
04 May 15:00 Tottenham Tottenham v Southampton Southampton
04 May 15:00 West Brom West Brom v Wigan Wigan
04 May 15:00 West Ham West Ham v Newcastle Newcastle
04 May 17:30 QPR QPR v Arsenal Arsenal
05 May 13:30 Liverpool Liverpool v Everton Everton
05 May 16:00 Man Utd Man Utd v Chelsea Chelsea
06 May 20:00 Sunderland Sunderland v Stoke City Stoke City
07 May 19:45 Man City Man City v West Brom West Brom
07 May 19:45 Wigan Wigan v Swansea Swansea
08 May 19:45 Chelsea Chelsea v Tottenham Tottenham


The last week that could seriously alter the destination of any prize money sees 3 extra fixtures and 6 teams playing twice, featuring 3 of the top 6, and 3 teams with something to play for. City are all but guaranteed 2nd and Champions League football. Spurs, Chelsea and Wigan have European slots or Premier League survival on their minds. West Brom and Swansea are safe in mid table  Arguably West Brom’s desire to remain in the top half and finish in their highest ever Premier position is greater than Swansea’s, who seem to have switched off since the League Cup wiin.

So there are plenty of players to pick from across all price ranges that could be brought in. The more players you’ve got playing twice, the better the chance you have of making ground on those above you in the table. We saw in gameweek 33 the advantage of loading your team full of players with double gameweeks. Neil Madrid top scored in that week with 91 points. 10 of that team played twice. It put Neil Madrid back in the hunt for 4th place after a few static weeks.

Although, elsewhere, amongst those that aren’t playing twice, there are point scoring opportunities. Lets look at whose playing Reading and QPR. Arsenal at QPR could bring clean sheet points and will almost certainly bring goal scoring, assist and bonus points. Fulham take on Reading at home. Fulham have been coasting of late, but they should fancy their chances against the league’s bottom team. They’re strong at home. Again – a clean sheet is very possible, and maybe Berbatov will add to that goal tally.

None of the double gameweekers, apart from maybe City, look that likely to keep two clean sheets. Chelsea have 2 tough games against Spurs and United. All games for Wigan are tough. They’ll see West Brom and Swansea as ideal chances to get points on the board, but to nil looks unlikely, with only 2 clean sheets in their last 14 games. And Spurs, despite their league position, don’t keep many blanks. Although at home against a 99% guaranteed safe Southampton could buck that trend.

A mammoth score on the board after this weekend could set up the winner of the May month award too. There’ll be 2 more weeks to play, but a 100+ score is guaranteed to put you at least 40+ points ahead of the majority of the rest of the league – you know – those ones that gave up playing in February.


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