Gameweek 30 preview

March 15, 2013

16 Mar 12:45 Everton Everton v Man City Man City
16 Mar 15:00 Aston Villa Aston Villa v QPR QPR
16 Mar 15:00 Southampton Southampton v Liverpool Liverpool
16 Mar 15:00 Stoke City Stoke City v West Brom West Brom
16 Mar 15:00 Swansea Swansea v Arsenal Arsenal
16 Mar 17:30 Man Utd Man Utd v Reading Reading
17 Mar 13:30 Sunderland Sunderland v Norwich Norwich
17 Mar 15:00 Tottenham Tottenham v Fulham Fulham
17 Mar 16:00 Chelsea Chelsea v West Ham West Ham
17 Mar 16:00 Wigan Wigan v Newcastle Newcastle

Normal 10 match service resumes this week, but it is worth looking ahead slightly, bearing in mind the games that didn’t get played last week. The future fixture list is a bit of a mess.

Be prepared for some kind of explanation, and a lot of mentions of the word “gameweek”.

Arsenal and Everton’s fixture had already been slotted into gameweek 33. That has now been joined by the Man City v Wigan game. This will be City and Wigan’s only game this gameweek, as they’ll both be appearing in the cup semi finals over the gameweek weekend. Also rescheduled for that gameweek is the West Ham v United game. At least it is at the moment. This would give United two games in that gameweek. This will change if they successfully negotiate the cup replay with Chelsea. That cup replay takes place on Easter Monday – just two days after United face Sunderland in the league during gameweek 31. Obviously if Chelsea go through, then their proposed fixture against Spurs in gameweek 33 will also be cancelled and moved to another date – possibly another gameweek. Basically, there will definitely be a double United gameweek at some point. There will potentially be a double Chelsea and a double Spurs gameweek to add to the already double Everton and double Arsenal gameweek in the same gameweek as the other double gameweeks.

Got that?

This week, United play a managerless Reading, who are conceding at an average rate of 2 every game. Reading’s January revival is a distant memory. Adam Le Fondre has stopped scoring. Pavel Pogrebnyak got himself sent off and suspended. Those 3.8 and 3.9 million defenders that seemed like such a good idea at the time….aren’t. With the prospect of the double United gameweek – and a goalfest this weekend – it’s probably time to up the United contingent in your team. It’s worth noting that David De Gea is only 5.6 million and has kept 4 consecutive league clean sheets. That’s cheaper than Begovic, and only slightly more than Mingolet – who appear in many more teams than the United keeper. It’s a no brainer isn’t it? And you could be stealing a march on those who may think he’s worth more money, and are better off with the Stoke or Sunderland keepers in their squads. Not so.

I have revisited the Michu problem a few times over the season. And I’m back there again. If you don’t have him in your team, you certainly wouldn’t consider bringing him in on current form. It’s 2 goals in 12. Thing is, they both came in the same game, along with 3 bonus points, and bagged him a total of 18 points in gameweek 26. So that capability of having a high scoring week remains. He’s still playing an advanced role. This week it’s Arsenal at home for Swansea. Maybe a team he’d relish playing against. But still a good team – that the majority of people  would say would to win this match. Although Swansea did beat them at the Emirates. Yet Arsenal just beat Bayern Munich in Germany. See what I mean? Then there’s the financial hit. He doesn’t even appear on the first page of form midfielders at the moment. You’d be better off picking Stewart Downing. Honestly.



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