Gameweek 29 preview

March 8, 2013

09 Mar 15:00 Norwich Norwich v Southampton Southampton
09 Mar 15:00 QPR QPR v Sunderland Sunderland
09 Mar 15:00 Reading Reading v Aston Villa Aston Villa
09 Mar 15:00 West Brom West Brom v Swansea Swansea
10 Mar 15:00 Newcastle Newcastle v Stoke City Stoke City
10 Mar 16:00 Liverpool Liverpool v Tottenham Tottenham

Six fixtures. How many transfers have you got? How many are you going to use? How many of your City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton players are you going to kick out? Who are you going to  drop to the bench? Who dare you bring in?

Only 2 of the top 7 play – and they play each other – which presents it’s own problems. Had Liverpool and Spurs been up against other teams, the choice of who to bring in would have been made a lot easier. Both teams are on good runs. Both teams are free scoring. Both could cancel each other out. A 1-1 draw with Bale and Suarez on the scoresheet. Put some money on it.

Four of the other fixtures feature relegation threatened teams battling against each other. There are some stand out players in amongst this lot. And players that could last the course in future weeks. You need to pick as few one week wonders as possible. It’s only going to cost you in the long run dropping a load of Reading defenders in the team in the hope they could keep a clean sheet against Villa this week. Because they won’t keep a clean sheet at Man United next week – or Arsenal the week after.

Stoke don’t win games anymore. They don’t keep clean sheets anymore. They don’t score that often either. They come up against a better looking Newcastle side who rarely fail to score – although that did happen last weekend, and have, in Moussa Sissoko, one of the games current form players. In 5 appearances for Newcastle he has either scored or assisted in 4 of them. And Ben Arfa is back.

Rickie Lambert is now the 3rd best striker in the game. His value has risen rapidly in recent weeks, but still sits at a respectable and affordable 7.2 million. If you bring Rickie Lambert in this week, you’re improving your squad. Remember that. And QPR will be buoyed by the win last week over Southampton. They realistically need to win 6 of their remaining matches. They managed something similar last season. It might happen again. Loic Remy. Worth a punt. At 5.9 million, he’s definitely someone that could be wedged in if you’re also trying to accommodate the big three.

The other fixture – Swansea v West Brom is a head to head for the best of the rest. Another 1-1 draw. Michu and Lukaku. Put some money on it.

This will not be an easy week to negotiate.



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