Gameweek 19 results

December 28, 2012

1 Pescara Rangers Stewart Pope 38 1,034
2 A Pint of Fuller’s P Hawkins 81 1,017
3 Hedgehog Corpse FC Nick Smith 38 1,014
4 Pimp My Side Jordan Raper 55 1,005
5 Les Canaris David Spinks 48 998
6 (Your Ad Here) Matthew Hopkins 64 992
7 Shoelace Untied Caroline Strong 67 990
8 A Few Good Men Darren Pope 36 980
9 Uriah Rennie 2nd XI Neil Greenwood 41 974
10 Neil Madrid Neil Strong 60 943
11 None Of The Above Jonny Mabbutt 35 936
12 Panza Grande XI Stuart Baker 46 922
13 Doing the 91 Colin Goulding 36 922
14 Body Issues FC Arron Fellows 35 920
15 Rip Roaring Reds Sean Whyton 18 917
16 Fancy a brouhaha? Ian Williams 40 904
17 Bermie Utd Glen Davies 48 896
18 Upper Bullens Scouse Mouse 40 894
19 Borussia HairBack Alex Ritchie 48 889
20 goodbutnosigurdsson Rob Hewer 40 880
21 Pretty Schitty City Alex Michaluk 43 872
22 Moxie XI Luke O’Shea 57 866
23 Inter Ealing Paul Bentz 43 859
24 Release The Hounds 5 Paul Mitchell 57 858
25 Crazy Legs XI David Caldicott 47 844
26 Lothersdale FC Simon Rider 23 828
27 Real Jorvik Simon Brown 31 827

Congratulations to A Pint of Fullers who have rocketed up to second in the overall league on the back of the week’s highest score. A massive 81 points also sees them head to the top of the monthly league. Let’s have a butchers…

1 A Pint of Fuller’s P Hawkins 81 299
2 (Your Ad Here) Matthew Hopkins 64 298
3 Neil Madrid Neil Strong 60 295
4 Pescara Rangers Stewart Pope 38 288
5 Pimp My Side Jordan Raper 55 280
6 Hedgehog Corpse FC Nick Smith 38 279

There are a few other potential contenders bubbling under, but it would take an almighty effort  and a maverick captain to overhaul one of the six listed above.We have 5 of the top 6 teams, and a resurgent Neil Madrid. Last year’s champs have finally landed in the top 10. Watch your backs.

Fullers have been hovering around between 5th and 8th since mid October. Their score, which was twice the weekly average, was achieved without Gareth Bale. Bale was this week’s hat trick hero, finished with 21 points, and inevitably, was this week’s highest scorer. Poor Villa. Anyway, they did have 5 goalscorers and 4 players in double figures. Carlos Cuellar was the key player. Only picked by 4% of managers across the whole game, Cuellar has kept 3 clean sheets, posted 2 assists and 3 bonus points in the last 4 games. One of those assists, one of those clean sheets and 2 of those bonus points came against Manchester City. Unexpected? I’d guess that most managers would have benched him. As Fullers did initially. Fullers have Bob Crow to thank for those 11 extra points. The tube strike, and a none appearance by Per Mertesacker meant Cuellar took his place in the starting XI. Jammy get.

Four of our teams have surpassed the 1000 point mark. Congratulations to Pescara, Fullers, Hedgehog Corpse and Pimp My Side. Pescara’s lead at the top has been around 17 points for then last 4 or 5 gameweeks, but after 3 fairly moderate weekly scores, they may be looking over their shoulder a little more often. They were in pole position for the December award until this week, and we’ve seen how fast those with seemingly unassailable leads can drop. Rip Roaring Reds posted a score of 18 points this week. They now sit in 15th place. At one point they had a 40 point lead at the top of the Buckets table. Les Canaris took over from Rip Roaring Reds in October, and held a 13 point lead at one point. Whilst not completely out of contention, they now sit 36 points off the pace. That January wildcard can’t come soon enough – even for those chasing the top honours.

  • Player of the week – Gareth Bale – 21 points. A few lean weeks, but back with a bang.
  • Bargain of the week – Chris Brunt – 13 points. Against a dismal QPR. Trust me, I was there.
  • Donkey of the week – Mike Williamson – -1 points. Now suspended, to the relief of most Newcastle fans.

Goal of the gameweek

Not a lot to choose from, so Mata v Norwich


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