Gameweek 12 preview

November 16, 2012

17 Nov 12:45 Arsenal Arsenal v Tottenham Tottenham
17 Nov 15:00 Liverpool Liverpool v Wigan Wigan
17 Nov 15:00 Man City Man City v Aston Villa Aston Villa
17 Nov 15:00 Newcastle Newcastle v Swansea Swansea
17 Nov 15:00 QPR QPR v Southampton Southampton
17 Nov 15:00 Reading Reading v Everton Everton
17 Nov 15:00 West Brom West Brom v Chelsea Chelsea
17 Nov 17:30 Norwich Norwich v Man Utd Man Utd
18 Nov 16:00 Fulham Fulham v Sunderland Sunderland
19 Nov 20:00 West Ham West Ham v Stoke City Stoke City

Look what I did. Isn’t that good? No time this week. Bringing Suarez in. For Tevez. Can’t lose. Either he carries on his scoring form, or I put the mockers on him completely, and he stops his scoring form, either by reverting to hitting the post and cross-bar, or getting himself banned. Either are possible, and it’d stop me having to listen to, and read gushing over top praise for the evil little berk.

That’s it.


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