Gameweek 11 preview

November 9, 2012

10 Nov 15:00 Arsenal v Fulham

10 Nov 15:00 Everton v Sunderland

10 Nov 15:00 Reading v Norwich

10 Nov 15:00 Southampton v Swansea

10 Nov 15:00 Stoke City v QPR

10 Nov 15:00 Wigan v West Brom

10 Nov 17:30 Aston Villa v Man Utd

11 Nov 13:30 Man City v Tottenham

11 Nov 15:00 Newcastle v West Ham

11 Nov 16:00 Chelsea v Liverpool

QPR and Reading remain winless. Southampton have a defence like s sieve. So you’d have to assume that there will be at least one goal against each of these teams. Which takes us back to writing off Norwich. Away at Reading. Reading could see this as the game to get their first win on the board. There aren’t that many games in the fixture list that Reading are going to win. I’m sure this’ll be earmarked as one of them. And despite their position in the league, they’re not goal shy. They’ve had nine different scorers – that’s eight more than Sunderland (guaranteed clean sheet for Everton this week).

Southampton face a Swansea side, who after a little dip in form, seem to be steadying the ship again. They’ve started employing Michu as a centre forward. Well done to anyone who picked him at the very start of the game and has stuck with him. I picked him at the start – didn’t bloody stick with him though. He came in at 6.5 million – and is now worth 7.3 million. He’s got 6 goals. He’s the leagues 2nd top scorer – and he come’s up against the Southampton sieve this weekend. Probably worth an investment.

QPR might have to wait another week for their win. Stoke have played four home games and only conceded one goal, and that was against City. In the absence of Marc Wilson, Stoke’s regular left back who broke his leg a few weeks back, they’re playing Andy Wilkinson. That’s (currently) a 4.4 million spend on a regular defender in a team who are more than capable of keeping a clean sheet once every other week.


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