Gameweek 7 preview

October 5, 2012

It’s the last weekend before the international break, after which we have 14 consecutive gameweeks of Premier League action. October is a short one – only three gameweeks before we know our next manager of the month.

It starts with this weekend’s fixtures. Will Man City fail in their clean sheet quest this week? Well, yeah! – they’re at home against Sunderland. I’m sure they’ll want a clean sheet, but they will probably settle for scoring more goals than Steven Fletcher. United too will be lucky to get through the weekend without conceding as they come up against another of the league’s in form hot shots, Demba Ba, at Newcastle. Dont bet against the win, just don’t rely on the defenders to do you any favours. It’s been a  long while since Liverpool were clean sheet bankers, so definitely, definitely don’t put your defensive eggs in a red-half-of-Merseyside basket this weekend. Peter Crouch (hotshot number 3) is the number one English striker, and I imagine he’d love to score against his old club. 

Best clean sheet options of the week – Chelsea, and er…West Brom?! Norwich conceded five last weekend – which doesn’t bode well for them against a more potent attack – like Chelsea’s. After a few quiet weeks Eden Hazard may get back in among the points. He’s still features in most Buckets teams. He’s been on the brink of the chop from my squad for a few weeks – but there’s always an inkling he’ll start scoring again. This week the inkling is too big to ignore. I’ll hold off bringing in Bale or Gervinho for one more week. And the Baggies have loads of great mid priced scoring options as well as a solid-looking and cheap defence to plunder. They’ll be confident of a win at home against QPR, who sit bottom of the league, and have made their worst start ever to a top flight season.

Rip Roaring Reds’ lead is slowly being pegged back. They had a pretty poor week last week. The best weekly scores in gamweek 6 came from teams in the middle of the table.There’s a fair bit of bunching going on around the 300 point mark. Look from 6th down to 21st place – only 29 points separate these teams. You have a good week you can climb 10 places – you have a bad week you drop 10 places. There’s hope for me yet.


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