Gameweek 6 preview

September 28, 2012

A proper Saturday at last – with eight fixtures, book-ended by two big games featuring four of the likely top 6. The first game of the weekend is Chelsea’s trip to Arsenal, and the away team’s first real test of the season, and their first potential FPL off-week. John Terry didn’t play last week, and his ban doesn’t start until after the appeals process has been concluded – so god knows when that will be. Anyway, don’t go shipping him out your side just yet, unless you want to do it on a matter of principle. Arsenal’s thus far rock solid defence should come under scrutiny again. It’ll end 1-1, as these kind of matches generally always do. You may not get too much out of the weekend if you’ve got three players from each team in your squad.

Michu and Nathan Dyer still sit in the top 10 scoring midfielders, but it seems the honeymoon period is over for the Laudrup Swansea. Dyer found himself dropped to the bench, and on coming on in the second half, lasted 12 minutes before being sent off at Everton last week. Michu has been carded in each of the last two games too. It’s a tough trip to Stoke this week, who should get their first win on the board. It’s probably the last place you’d want to go to get your team playing again.

Fulham are good at home. All it will take is another piece of Berbatov brilliance to stop City getting that first clean sheet. They’re alright for goals. Everything’s working as expected up front, but all of their first team defenders have decreased in value since the start of the season, which tells its own story. Those who’ve stuck with Kompany or Lescott, for example, might feel like it’s time for a change this week. Although with Chelsea, Arsenal, (a Vidic-less) United and Spurs all playing each other – would you be any better off with any other big names?

Well maybe you would if you picked Leighton Baines and Phil Jagielka. Everton look like a good bet for the top 6 on current form. They want to hope this is not a typical Everton season in reverse, and they go to pieces after Christmas. Nevermind that – this weekend, Southampton will find it difficult. Another clean sheet – and probably another couple of goals.

And Manager of the Month for September will be decided this week. Bermie United are in pole position, but could be overhauled with an inspired captain choice from any one of the 20 teams chasing, and in with a genuine chance.


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