Gameeweek 3 preview

August 30, 2012

01 Sep 12:45 West Ham   v   Fulham
01 Sep 15:00 Swansea   v   Sunderland
01 Sep 15:00 Tottenham   v   Norwich
01 Sep 15:00 West Brom   v   Everton
01 Sep 15:00 Wigan   v   Stoke City
01 Sep 17:30 Man City   v   QPR
02 Sep 13:30 Liverpool   v   Arsenal
02 Sep 16:00 Newcastle   v   Aston Villa
02 Sep 16:00 Southampton   v   Man Utd

The last gameweek before an international break. It might not necessarily be the best time to employ the wild card – who knows how many players are going to come back in one piece – but, if you’ve been unlucky enough to have started your season with City and United defenders, Arsenal attackers, the injured Aguero and Rooney or the off colour Cisse, Silva, Bale or Suarez, then it might not be such a bad option. Remember aswell, Chelsea aren’t playing. Neither are Reading. If you’re still lumbered with Reading players – now might be the time to ship them out. But for who? And what do you do with your Chelsea players – particularly if you’ve got Hazard, Torres and/or Ivanovic. Stick them on the bench, and hope your back up players play; your Norwich defenders, your Villa midfielders, your QPR players?

At first glance, there are a few bankers amongst this weeks fixtures. United play Southampton. This should be an easy win. So should City’s game against QPR. Neither Manchester team have kept a clean sheet yet. Neither Newcastle or Spurs have kept a clean sheet either. Home games against Villa and Norwich respectively might change that. It should be the first week with a shut out for at least one of those four teams. Liverpool play Arsenal. This will be 0-0. Arsenal will draw every game 0-0 this season. Put a fiver on that. Swansea haven’t conceded yet. This seasons surprise package are scoring for fun too. They’re at home against Sunderland. Maybe that clean sheet record will slip. Sunderland have made a few astute attacking signings in the last week.

The rest of us need to peg back Rip Roaring Reds. They have a mini Chelsea based dilemma to overcome. Three players, but enough on their bench to compensate. Pimp My Side might be the ones to close the gap. No Chelsea players – no Reading players – no injured players – a team with lots of points potential – and sat in third place. Me – I’ll be happy to climb into the top 20. Pah!


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