Team guides. Swansea City.

August 16, 2012

Key player – Scott Sinclair – 7m

Swansea were great last year, but a few things have changed. The manager’s gone, and so has Joe Allen and Gylfi Sigurdsson. In comes Michael Laudrup, who despite his greatness as a player, has iffy managerial credentials. He doesn’t last any more than a season – and invariably gets sacked. And there are rumours that Scott Sinclair, their most dynamic player, set piece taker, and last season’s top scorer is being courted by Manchester City. If he stays, Sinclair should remain the teams most potent attacking force.

New signing – Michu – 6.5m

Or to give him his full name, Miguel Perez Cuesta. Last season’s highest scoring midfielder in the Primera Liga. Picked up at a bargain price of 2 million from Rayo Vallecano. Will replace Sigurdsson, and if he settles, could be a great addition to their squad.

Bargain buy – Leon Britton – 4.5m

The most popular player in the 4.5 million price range. 15% of managers have picked him in their squad. Surprisingly lowly priced. Laudrup’s love of the passing game should see him retain his place.

Avoid – Chico – 5m

I dunno. He’s probably quite good. It’s purely for having the same name as that berk from the X-Factor.


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