Gameweek 1 preview

August 16, 2012


18 Aug 15:00 Arsenal   v   Sunderland
18 Aug 15:00 Fulham   v   Norwich
18 Aug 15:00 QPR   v   Swansea
18 Aug 15:00 Reading   v   Stoke City
18 Aug 15:00 West Brom   v   Liverpool
18 Aug 15:00 West Ham   v   Aston Villa
18 Aug 17:30 Newcastle   v   Tottenham
19 Aug 13:30 Wigan   v   Chelsea
19 Aug 16:00 Man City   v   Southampton
20 Aug 20:00 Everton   v   Man Utd
22 Aug 19:45 Chelsea   v   Reading

An unusual first gameweek. Already you’ve got to employ some tactics. Both Chelsea and Reading play twice, and there’s a chance Chelsea could keep two clean sheets. They come up against Wigan away from home, and play their game against Reading at Stamford Bridge on the Wednesday night. I imagine Di Matteo will stick with the line up that played the Community Shield last Sunday, which will see David Luiz start ahead of Gary Cahill, and Ivanovic playing at right back. How many Chelsea defenders are you going to go with? Equally they could bag a few goals. Forget Torres – Lampard, Mata, Ramires and Hazard could all get themselves off the mark in double quick time. Reading, meanwhile, have a winnable first game at home against Stoke. There are lots of good cheap options throughout the Reading squad to pick. And why not stick with them – having a couple of 4/5 million pound players in the team paves the way for more big money players from other teams. Bear in mind, however, that both Chelsea and Reading DON’T PLAY ANY GAMES IN GAMEWEEK 3. So plan your transfers carefully.

Elsewhere King Ferg has stated that Robin Van Persie will play some part of Manchester United’s game against Everton. Arsenal will start life without the grey haired sulk at home to Sunderland, and will hope to prove straight away that there is life after RVP. Slightly more of a home banker is City’s opener against new boys, Southampton. Why not start with three City players in your team – if you can squeeze them in.


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