Team guides. Manchester United

August 15, 2012

Key player – Wayne Rooney – 12m

Needs to click with Robin Van Persie. So how’s it going to work? I have no idea, but it’s an awesome prospect. A combined total of 57 goals between them last season, and if it does work, the title might be going back to Salford.

New signing – Robin Van Persie – 13m

So will the two best strikers in the league cancel each other out or feed off each other? I’d be amazed if both managed to score as many as they did last season, but I guarantee they’ll both score more than Wigan.

Bargain buy – Shinji Kagawa – 8.5m

Shirt sales will improve. Cynicism aside, Kagawa has already received praise on his friendly performances from Wayne Rooney, and his new manager. He scored 13 goals last season for Dortmund, and 27 goals in his last season in Japanese football. The long-term replacement for 63-year-old Paul Scholes.

Avoid – Dimitar Berbatov – 7m

City have Adebayor – United have Berbatov. Immensely talented. If he signed for any other Premier League club, he’d probably end up as their top scorer. Fergie won’t pick him. If Federico Macheda is ahead of you in the pecking order, it’s time to leave.


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