Team guides. Manchester City

August 15, 2012

Key player – Yaya Toure – 8m

City have so many good players. So called pundits waffle on about the spine of a team, and it’s so true in City’s case. Anyone of Hart, Kompany, Lescott, Toure, Silva or Aguero could be considered as THE key player. All will finish with 100+ points for the season. The best value is Toure. An undroppable. Scores. Assists. Loves a bonus. And isn’t afraid to give Balotelli a slap.

New signing – Jack Rodwell – 5m

The only new signing thus far, although you’d expect more if City want to mount a challenge in Europe. Difficult to see where Rodwell’s going to fit into this team, but there’s no doubting his talent. If he stays injury free, he may force his way in, and looks a good bargain punt. Don’t pick him yet though.

Bargain buy – Carlos Tevez – 9m

I have no idea if he’ll make it through the season, or even till the end of August. We saw how effective a pairing Tevez and Aguero were at the arse end of last season when he got bored of golf and won City the title. Tevez is the same price or cheaper as Torres, Suarez, Adebayor, Giroud and Balotelli. I’ll stick my neck out and say he’ll score more points than all of these players.

Avoid – Emmanuel Adebayor – 9.5m 

Mancini – “I feel sorry for Adebayor – he has no chance at Manchester City.” Tells you all you need to know.


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