Team guides. Liverpool.

August 15, 2012

Key player – Steven Gerrard – 9.5m

If Gerrard plays a full season, Liverpool will create more chances, score more goals and probably finish higher in the league. He will take all of their penalties and set pieces. He’s still one of the highest priced midfielders in the game, but now seems much more affordable that the 13m he was valued at for the last few seasons.

New signing – Fabio Borini – 8m

Finished last season with 9 league goals for Roma, which, even in Italian football terms, isn’t a great return. Rodgers had him at Swansea on loan two seasons ago, and obviously sees something in him. Worth 8m? Probably not. There are more reliable strikers priced in the same bracket.

 Bargain buy – Joe Allen – 5.5m

Bought for 15 million in the real world, but only priced here at 5.5 million would suggest that Allen is a good bargain buy. Scored more points for Swansea last season than all of the midfield misfits bought by Kenny Dalglish. I imagine he’ll be a regular starter, and could strike up a good midfield partnership with Gerrard. A player playing for a side with top 6 aspirations priced at 5.5 million is well worth a punt.

Avoid – Andy Carroll – 8.5m

Who else? His manager doesn’t like him. But he’s pissing in the wind if he thinks he’s going to be able to flog him for anything near the ridiculous price they bought him for. Although he may get a chance when Rodgers realises his players can’t play the attractive passing game, and they have to revert to lumping it up to the big man. This should happen in about September.


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