Team guides. Arsenal

August 14, 2012

Key player – Lukas Podolski – 8.5m

Probably bought, along with Olivier Giroud, in the knowledge that Robin Van Persie wasn’t going to be sticking around much longer. And he’s gone. Today. Gone to warm some bench in Manchester. Arsene hopes. So mindblowingly good was RVP last year that they’ve had to buy two players to replace him. It could work. If both end with 15 goals each, they’ve outscored the grey haired one, and save Arsenal 2 million quid.

New signing – Santi Cazorla – 9m

The next part of the plan. Arsene’s finally admitted defeat and has started spending proper dollar on good players. Cazorla has been bought to fill the hole left by Nasri and Fabregas, and could well assist into double figures, provided the aforementioned strikers find the back of the net.

Bargain buy – Laurent Koscielny – 5.5m

An established part of the Arsenal back line and under 6 million pounds offers good value. They’re not the hand waving old man “offside ref” backline of old, but they’re more that capable, when they concentrate, of keeping 10-15 clean sheets a season.

Avoid – Gervinho – 7.5m

There was lots expected of Gervinho last season. He didn’t deliver. Sent off in his first game, and shit in all the others. Still looks like Randy Crawford. Avoid.


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